10 anime where nothing bad ever happens

The world of anime has something for everyone since the medium covers all literary genres and subgenres. Some series are famous for their heartfelt drama, like Basket of fruits, while series like My hero university are heavy on action. In these anime, bad things can happen, from injury and death to grief, horror, and emotional trauma.

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These cartoons are extremely appealing, but there are some series that take the opposite approach and work just as well. Some animes contain minimal violence, drama, or horror and therefore nothing “bad” is going on in them. Characters can still experience mishaps and goofs on a daily basis, but nothing really bad ever happens to them and it can make for a nice and relaxing watch.

ten Laid-back camp makes camping fun

relaxed camp

Relaxed camp is an example of the iyashikei subgenre, an enjoyable, low-intensity anime that can be therapeutic and relaxing for any viewer. A lot of anime with minimal drama or violence fits the iyashikei concept, in fact, so there are quite a few.

Relaxed camp is a charming, laid-back series about several high school friends exploring the great outdoors at many campsites across Japan. The girls learn a lot about camping and nature which can be quite informative and interesting for the viewer.

9 Benevolent flying witch stars, broom magic girls

flying witch is a witch-themed anime perfect for a fearless Halloween. This charming anime stars Makoto, a teenage witch who is almost done with her training, and she has only one goal in mind: to use her magic for the benefit of those around her.

Makoto is a cute and sanitized witch, a lovable girl who only wants to make others happy with her occult gifts. She may make a few mistakes along the way, but Makoto’s budding career is enjoyable, and no serious issues happen to her.

8 Azumanga Daioh! Did high school comedy

Many high school animated series downplay drama and violence in favor of comedy. Azumanga Daioh!, based on the manga of the same name, is a “cute girls doing cute things” anime where the main characters get annoyed endlessly with their clashing personalities.

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These friends have their fair share of mishaps and mishaps, but nothing really bad happens to them, even when a holiday weekend goes wrong and everyone is mad at each other. Azumanga Daioh! talks about fun and laughter, not heartbreak and tragedy.

seven Komi can’t communicate is sweet and inspiring, not heartbreaking

Tomohito Oda’s original manga series was recently adapted into a popular anime, with another season slated for spring 2022. Komi can’t communicate is a charming high school anime starring Shoko Komi, a shy and calm girl who decided to make 100 friends before graduation. Her social life is about to be transformed.

Komi can’t communicate has a cheerful and upbeat tone, featuring a large number of friendly and likable characters who accept each other for who and what they are. Shoko is slowly emerging from her shell and she has many new friends to welcome her.

6 Nichijou puts comedy above all else

Nichijou is pure high school comedy and it has much more wacky visuals and storylines than either one or the other Azumanga Daioh! Where Komi can’t communicate. There are explosions and chaos sometimes, but everything is fun and no one is seriously hurt. Slapstick comedy is the norm here.

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Nichijou makes up the rules as you go, and presents a handful of protagonists with bizarre but fun goals and hobbies – like secretly drawing erotic manga or trying to cheat on tests. The show even has a talking black cat and a robot girl who just wants to be real.

5 Aria: the masterpiece takes place in a futuristic Venice on Mars

Aria: the masterpiece is a sci-fi anime, but it looks nothing like Ghost in the Shell or 86 EIGHTY-SIX. Aria takes place on terraformed Mars, now known as Aqua because of its vast oceans and scenic coastlines. The heroine is Akari Mizunashi, and she absolutely loves everything about Aqua.

Akari trains as a Undine (or Gondola Rower) in Neo-Venezia, a perfect recreation of the original Venice on Earth. Akari’s daily life is filled with fun, friendship, adventure and beauty. Her cheerful demeanor is downright contagious.

4 Chi’s Sweet Home talks about a kitten

Chi’s Sweet Home is a family series starring a smart cat named Chi, and Chi is thrilled to be adopted into the Yamada family as their first pet. Chi explores the world through innocent and curious eyes, befriending a handful of other cats in the neighborhood. Dogs are another story, however.

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Chi’s Sweet Home is a gentle, easy-going country where conflicts are minor and quickly resolved, as Chi gets lost many times before her family finds her. Other than that, Chi’s daily life is pleasant, and she has a lot to love about her new life as a beloved pet.

3 Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! is about a sadodere

Don’t play with me, Ms. Nagatoro! is yet another cheerful high school animated series with relatively low stakes and minimal drama and violence. The story centers on the strange budding relationship between the shy Naoto Hachioji and his playful underclass, Hayase Nagatoro.

Hayase is a “sadodere,” a character who expresses her affection through teasing and mind games, and she has fun tormenting Naoto lightly every day at school. Despite this, the two are slowly getting closer and there is no serious drama going between them. In fact, Hayase will go to great lengths to protect Naoto’s interests.

2 My Senpai is boring takes place in the office


My Senpai is boring takes place in the office rather than high school, something that slightly older anime fans can appreciate. This is a playful josei animated series starring little tsundere Futaba Igasrashi, who cannot easily admit his crush on Harumi Takeda, his senior colleague.

Futaba is tough and intelligent, and she doesn’t back down easily. She is determined to prove herself as a sales rep and win Takeda’s heart one way or another. At the same time, there is a second budding romance between Toko Sakurai and Sota Kazama. Everyone is having a good time.

1 The Way of the Home Husband is True Domestic Happiness

housewife husband way

The Way of the Home Husband has received some criticism for its unusual animation technique, but its source manga is a good read and the anime still gives viewers a good idea of ​​what this series really is. Even though Tatsu was once a Yakuza thug, he now leads a gentle, peaceful life, and he is the perfect mate.

Tatsu’s wife Miku is the breadwinner while Tatsu himself enjoys his daily life of housework and shopping, which he is proud of. He may seem scary to the housewives he hangs out with, but he’s always well-meaning and has impressed everyone with his cooking and housekeeping. skills repeatedly. He’s a good friend to have.

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