10 things to do in Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is a stunning tropical destination with plenty to do, but these are the best island activities visitors can find here.

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory consisting of three famous islands, namely Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman – which is the largest. The Cayman Islands are widely regarded as one of the world’s top dining destinations in the Caribbean, offering several opportunities for visitors to have a personal experience with the region’s vibrant marine life. There are many attractions off the coast, from Eden Rock & Devil’s Grotto to Bloody Bay Marine, offering a plethora of activities to enjoy. Apart from its bustling activities, Grand Cayman also offers ample comfort and facilities for visitors with all the conveniences one desires. To further explain, here are the top ten things to do in Grand Cayman.

ten Relax at Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is one of the most common reasons tourists come to Grand Cayman. It has been named among the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Seven Mile, located on the west coast of the Cayman Islands, attracts many tourists every year. One of the many reasons this coast is soothing is the incredibly clear turquoise water that dots it. Plus, there are plenty of fun water activities for visitors to the beach. Additionally, snorkeling and swimming are popular water sports in this area due to the clear, relaxed waters.

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9 The city of rays

Stingray City is one of the most famous destinations in the Cayman Islands. Aquatic enthusiasts can interact with sea creatures by foraging among the sociable stingrays that congregate next to the sandbars. This sometimes allows tourists to get closer to one or the other of these fabulous animals. Guests can also bathe, feed and take remarkable photos with these friendly rays throughout the journeys. Tourists interested in learning more can book a tour through Stingray City, including free transportation from the resort. Prices start at $49 per person and vary widely depending on the excursion.

8 Explore the wreck and artificial reef of Kittiwake

Kittiwake Shipwreck is a sunken torpedo and artificial reef that today attracts divers with swimming and aquatic life. Its convenient position along Seven Mile Beach is located in Grand Cayman, including its narrow depths, making it a famous diving destination for snorkelers, snorkelers and snorkelers. Also, as this is a premier dive site, all clients are strongly advised to plan their reservations in advance.

7 Dive at Eden Rock & Devil’s Grotto

Devil’s Grotto and Eden Rock are must-visit dive destinations for all divers visiting the Cayman Islands. These sites are well known for being the most visited and amazing beach dives in all of Cayman Island. Corridors and caves are characteristic of these dive sites. Devil Grotto and Eden Rock also have shallow water, so visitors weren’t far from a visible escape. Inside the caves, photo opportunities improve but are still difficult. Additionally, visitors are advised to spend time snorkeling in both to gain a full understanding of the intricacies of this freshwater ecosystem.

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6 Mastic Trail Hike

The mastic reserve protects part of the peninsula’s largest continuous expanse of virgin and old-growth forest. This forest and many other comparable tracts of forest across the Caymans have had global significance as some of the few surviving specimens of temperate, parched forest in the Caribbean. Additionally, this area is 2.3 miles long and requires about two to three hours of walking. Additionally, travelers are strongly advised to take a knowledgeable tour guide for authorities to highlight the extraordinary life forms that tourists might overlook.

5 Take a tour of the Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery.

The Cayman Spirits Company distillery is Grand Cayman’s only distillery and the territories’ only craft liquor supplier. This company is unusual in that it matures its liquor on the seabed. Cayman Spirits was the first and only factory to use it. Apart from rum, this factory also makes flavored alcohols like vodka. Plus, visitors can schedule a tour, which typically lasts 30 minutes to an hour and features flavors of Gun Bay vodka, other rums, and their annual special liquor. The cost of the excursion is $15 per participant.

4 Kitesurf Cayman

Kitesurfing, commonly referred to as kitesurfing, is an aquatic activity in which participants skim the surface of the ocean using boards driven by the breeze. Kiteboarders grab ropes attached to a kite, absorbing the wind and propelling them forward. Barkers is the best kitesurfing site and also offers private lessons. Also, kitesurfing has become so fantastic locally because the main wind is from the northeast, which creates perfect kitesurfing situations.

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3 Bloody Bay Marine Reserve

Bloody Bay Marine Reserve is among the infamous dive destinations in the Cayman Islands. This enormous expanse of deep water rich in marine life that borders the unexplored shores of Little Cayman is one of the most sought-after diving destinations in the world. It also has deep diving areas about 20 meters underground for those just starting out. In contrast, more advanced divers can expect to see unique corals and the overwhelming Bloody Bay Wall, which descends precipitously to the seabed.

2 Cayman Stand Up Paddle Co.

Paddleboarding requires calm waters and gentle breezes, which Cayman provides in abundance. Cayman Stand Up Paddle Co. is an independently owned and operated water sports business. The owners’ enthusiasm and desire to expose people to this fantastic flexible activity inspired them to start a paddleboard business in the Cayman Islands. Stand-up paddleboarding is also one of the world’s fastest growing water sports and it has taken over the Cayman Islands. Moreover, this activity is a fun thing to do for all tourists who want to experience paddleboarding.

1 Dolphin Cove Cayman

Dolphin Cove allows guests to swim alongside magnificent Atlantic dolphins and encounter a diversity of exotic birds on the rainforest wildlife walk. Guests can also explore the touch aquarium to discover the wonderful aquatic species that live in both the shallow and deep azure seas. The facilities at Dolphin Cove have been carefully designed so that the lovely sea animals can experience a bit of their underwater environment with all guests. Plus, local marine professionals will explain to guests how they take care of all the aquatic wildlife.

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