41 Best Travel Gifts for the Jet Setter in Your Life

It can be difficult to find the best travel gifts for the person who seems still plan their next adventure, but it doesn’t have to be. You already know what they like to do — explore! See the world! — and chances are you’ve spent enough time with them to know exactly what’s missing from their travel outfit. (And no, it’s probably not a luggage tag or a travel pillow.)

If it’s your older brother whose luggage has seen better days, it wouldn’t be too hard to convince your parents to help you buy a new carry-on that he will use all the time. If your best friend is into music or photography, they’re probably hoping someone will surprise them with noise-cancelling headphones, a professional camera, or, if you’re not getting a big group giveaway, a new instant camera for capture all the memories.

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one preparing for their first semester of study abroad or a recent grad planning a year-long sabbatical, check out 41 of the best travel gifts of 2022 and even the essentials of reading, this gift guide will inspire and prepare you for a trip.

beauty minis

TSA-compliant beauty products are a must-have for anyone who loves to travel. Who can say no to their favorite miniature products? These TikTok-approved beauty brands are a great place to start if you’re looking to offer travel-friendly skincare or makeup, no matter how involved or minimalist your current giveaway regimen is.

Toiletry bags

If you’re traveling the world with your travel minis, you’ll need a place to store them all!

The essentials of reading

Your favorite travel buddy who gets all their reading records from #BookTok will be thrilled with a Kindle. It’s the best and most efficient way to travel with multiple books without having to physically carry them. If they’d rather rummage through the physical paper, a copy of a new bestseller, like Emily Henry’s book lovers, will also do the trick.

Quality luggage

If they are budget travelers, they probably don’t want to rush for checked bags. Away’s lightweight suitcases make it easy to organize and will accompany them on many trips abroad and vacation weekends back home. A new Fjällraven travel backpack will keep their snacks safe and easily accessible in case of a hunger strike during the four-hour layover.

Versatile travel bags

Passport holder? Check. Credit card slot? Check. Room for boarding passes and the biggest iPhone? Check, check and check. Globetrotters only need one of these slim shoulder bags to store all their travel essentials and breeze through security. It doesn’t hurt that these little guys are also cute enough to be carried to their destination.

instant camera

Say “cheese! A classic graduation or best friend gift, an instant camera is perfect for capturing those candid travel memories and ideal to have when their phone’s battery life hits the dangerous red bar. Top off your gift with a few extra (and colorful) film packs so they’re ready for multiple trips.


A high-tech camera they’ll use for years? A Leica is a perfect gift for photography enthusiasts who want to turn their passion into a side hustle or a career. If you don’t have any friends or family to split the cost with, an underwater phone case is just as cool and ideal for any beach or island getaways they might make.

Organization sets

Notorious over-packers can simply change their habits with Calpak’s Packing Cubes. The five-piece set can be used for short or long haul flights and can live in your suitcase or gym bag when not in use. Aurate’s luxury travel pouch, on the other hand, is ideal for your friend whose jewelry motto is “more is more”.

Technical travel accessories

If they’re traveling with a heavy laptop, they might as well fit it in a nice protective sleeve. Baggu makes some of the coolest, like this zodiac-themed one that comes in different colors based on their star sign. A portable charger is a no-brainer if they forget their adapter or are going to be off the grid.

Hair Refresh Kits

Help them maintain their hair care routine with these essentials, from Olaplex’s repair system that’s perfect for color-treated or damaged hair, to Eva Nyc’s mini travel hair dryer that’s cute and 10 times more powerful than the gadgets they are likely to find in their hotel room.

Foldable hats

They might already have a bob they love, but it’s probably not one of those knit cuties.

Travel diaries

They will have to write down their thoughts somewhere. Bonus points for checking colored pens on their back-to-school supply list.

Ready for the destination

The family trend setter always plans his outfits in advance. Get one step ahead of them with these downright cool (and wrinkle-resistant!) guitar picks.

Souvenir jewelry

Sparkling things to always wear and remember you when they do.

Shoes to wear everywhere

No matter where they’re headed, comfortable shoes are a must for frequent travelers. Staud’s new collaboration with Birkenstocks is a great gift idea for the person who lives in Arizona’s double-loop toboggans at the first sign of summer. Got more than one Nike stan on your hands? The sporty Margiela vibes of the Rift Breathe split-toe shoes are ready for a TikTok unboxing.

Accessories suitable for the beach

Just a few things they can wear on and off the beach – including stylish Y2K-inspired shades from a Missoma and Le Specs collab, and the cutest campy necklace from an indie label that Hailey Bieber co-signed.

Reusable Staples

Goodbye Hydro Flask, hello Stanley Thirst Quencher. If they’re all set on stainless steel water bottles (who isn’t?), Cadence is a cool new brand they’ll love. Its magnetic capsules are perfect for storing skincare products, shampoo, shower gel or medicine – no more unrefillable drugstore bottles. Lids can also be personalized!

Entertainment anywhere

Alright, we’ll bite: TikTokers of all stripes have vouched for the AirPods Max, so if you’re going for a group giveaway, these should be a solid contender. Mario Kart and Zelda players will also love an extension to their Nintendo membership, just to say so.

Travel Gift Cards

No explanation is necessary.

Wall calendars

They will be able to count the days for their next getaway! Extra points if it’s travel-themed!

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