65 coolest travel photos people have taken on vacation

“Just hiked to the second tallest waterfall in the world, Tugela Falls in South Africa. Tugela Falls, the second tallest waterfall in the world by total height total, are located in the Royal Natal National Park in the Drakensberg region of South Africa.a moderate hike of 14 km (8.7 miles) is about four to five hours round trip, and a thunderstorm in the after -noon is very likely. You are allowed to camp overnight anywhere in the Royal Natal National Park. Sunrise views from here (around 3,000m or 9,800ft) would be amazing!

The seven-kilometre hike to the top of the falls included several stops to watch intermittent clouds fill the valley below. After climbing the famous chain ladders, we were in the clouds where the visibility was reduced to no more than 50 meters. When we got to the falls a dozen other hikers had already left disappointed, some had lost sight of the trail and some had missed the falls altogether due to poor visibility. When it started to rain, we took shelter in a nearby hut to weigh our options. Two other hikers arrived at the falls and quickly turned around when it started to thunder.

While waiting for the rain to stop, we read stories etched on the walls of people who lost their lives in the fall and others who were stuck in the hut for several days due to torrential rains. Undone, we put on our ponchos and started the two hour and forty minute journey to the parking lot. A little less than a mile after returning, we looked back to see the cliffs had cleared enough for a possible below average view of the falls.

Despite thunder rumbling nearby and adding an extra hour of walking in the rain for maybe nothing, we sprinted to the falls for another look. Our bet paid off, this time we had a poor view of the falls and felt like we were at the end of the world. Moments later the sky cleared and for a full hour the amphitheater was our playground.” —u/Thov

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