Albion College raises the stakes to get the COVID vaccine

Some notable community partners in Calhoun County really want to see more young people vaccinated against COVID-19. As part of a vaccination program promotion with the county public health department, Albion College offers one year of schooling to a middle-aged or high school student who passes the vaccination stage at one of the next three public clinics.

This is no small gift. The college lists the total tuition fees for next year’s two semesters at nearly $ 53,000. Students interested in a gunshot should review all of the details in advance and we have information links posted on our website at 95 3

Eric Pessel, Calhoun County Public Health Officer, says it’s a great way to get public partners to work together for the common good. Pessel tells us he’s very concerned that schools and colleges are resuming classes this fall without more young people in particular getting vaccinated against the virus. To retreat after big gains so far this year would be a terrible setback, he said.

The three tuition-free qualifying clinics are set for Saturday 26e at the Collège d’Albion. Monday 28the at the Battle Creek Family YMCA. And Tuesday 29e at Marshall High School.

All three clinics offer the Pfizer vaccine for ages 12 and older, or the single-dose J&J vaccine for older recipients. The dates for the second dose clinics for the Pfizer vaccine have already been set for next month. Some additional prizes will also be given out when attending immunization clinics and this information is also included in the information links that we have posted on our website.

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