Animal Crossing’s gyroid redesign is emblematic of the series’ new direction

Gyroids have been part of the Animal crossing franchise from the start, however, they were largely absent from New Horizons Until Update 2.0, Lloid always appeared next to construction sites to collect donations. They are inspired by Japanese clay figurines called haniwa, which were typically buried with the dead in ancient Japan. Likewise, they can be found buried in the ground like fossils, each making a different melody that can play to the beat of the music, and many fans treat them like collectibles.


When the gyroids were introduced into Animal crossing: new horizons, they looked quite different from their original designs. It is widely believed that gyroids were creepy little creatures, appearing hollow but also somehow possessing qualities of life when moving around. But now the vast majority of them are adorable, wielding vivid pastel colors and featuring a wider range of more expressive sound effects, parallel to the changes and direction of the sound. Animal crossing the franchise has evolved with New Horizons.

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What New Horizons did for Animal Crossing

animal crossing new horizons featured gyroids

Apart Pocket camp, the mobile spin-off of Animal crossing where players can build and decorate a campsite, New Horizons is the first component to bring craftsmanship and personalization to its current level. The series has always been open-ended, with ambiguous goals, although it systematically involves paying off loans and decorating the interiors of homes. So that’s not to say that the series was never all about home decor, but not to the extent that it is now.

By (finally) allowing players to place furniture outside, they can virtually control the look and themes of their islands, and the concepts some have come up with are mind-boggling. Sharing islands via visits from friends and social media further increased the motivation for it, almost making the act of decorating the New Horizons competitive island, in order to create the best possible island. While some fans have designed entire islands to be haunted houses, often inspired by resident Evil Where Silent Hill, others choose to recreate retro cities, like the Japanese neighborhoods of the 80s.

Furthermore, Animal crossing: new horizons has seen more demand on the cutest villagers than ever before. At first Marshal and Raymond were all the rage, but since Update 2.0 Shino, Sasha, and Ione have stolen the show and can be sold for insane numbers of Nook Mile tickets and bells online.

Animal crossing: new horizons is more appealing and aesthetic than previous games, and the redesign of gyroids is representative of that. Also being much smaller than before, gyroids now blend much better into furniture and costumes and sets, but there’s no denying that they’re just considerably cuter than in previous installments. After removing the Family Gyroid Sets, which consist of regular, mini, and mega versions, players have shown a viral love for the Squeakoid, Whistloid, and even Crumploid Online.

Now entire rooms and areas can be themed around gyroids without looking like a crypt of mummified hulls doing weird dances. Although he also developed his social simulation aspects, Animal crossing it is also designing and decorating. Over the years it becomes more coated with kind words, beautiful scenery and relaxing music, and recent additions to Animal crossing: new horizonsincluding Update 2.0 and the Happy Homes Paradise DLC prove it.

Animal crossing: new horizons is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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