As part of the Village Trip Festival, acclaimed musician and composer David Amram teams up with percussionist and bandleader Bobby Sanabria for a concert at Joe’s Pub on September 16 to celebrate the centenary of the birth of legendary novelist Jack Kerouac

As a member of Village Travel Festivalacclaimed musician, composer, arranger and author David Amram will join the percussionist, bandleader, filmmaker and WBGO host Bobby Sanabria on stage on Friday, September 16 at Joe’s Pub to celebrate the centenary of the late legendary novelist’s birth Jack Kerouac.

The tribute concert entitled “Children of American Bebop and Mambo Nite” has a list of star artists, including the singer Janis Siegel of the transfer from Manhattan.

Sanabria and Amram spoke with WBGO’s news director Doug Doyle on the September 16 event.

Eight-time Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria (top left) and famed musician, composer, arranger and author David Amram chat with WBGO’s Doug Doyle

In 1957 David Amram, along with Jack Kerouac and other poets staged one of the first poetry readings with jazz at the Brata Art Gallery on East 10th Street in New York City. That same year, Kerouac wrote his very popular book On the roadon his travels across the country.

Amram says Kerouac took his time putting together this masterpiece.

“He started going to Minton’s quite often in the 1940s. Dizzy (Gillespie) even gave his name to a track ‘Kerouac’.

Larry Rivers, Jack Kerouac, David Amram, Allen Ginsberg(Gregory Corso's back) - during the filming of Pull My Daisy, by John Cohen..jpg
Larry Rivers, Jack Kerouac, David Amram, AllenGinsberg (Gregory Corso’s back) – during the filming of Pull My Daisy

Amram says Kerouac enjoyed writing about music which touched him deeply.

“He loved folk music, he loved Bach, who he said was his favorite composer, so when he heard (Thelonious) Monk and Dizzy and when he heard some of the great geniuses like Mario Bauza and Machito’s band, people who created this music, he could hear it and feel it when all the critics ignored him.”

Eight-time Grammy nominee Bobby Sanabria says the concert honors the writer he admired.

“I think of Jack as someone who was a documentarian of what was happening around him at the time. He just laid it out in his own way in On the road and all the other things he did.”

Bobby Sanabria.jpg
Bobby Sanabria is an eight-time Grammy nominee and host of WBGO’s ‘Latin Jazz Cruise’

Sanabria says he’s excited to be working with Amram again on this project. Amram, a WBGO fan, is also a longtime listener to Sanabria’s “Latin Jazz Cruise” on WBGO.

David’s career is fascinating, from composing music to The Manchu Candidate to be the first composer-in-residence for the NY Philharmonic to go to Cuba with Dizzy Gillespie in 1977, to record and perform with the great pianist Charles Mingus. He plays piano, French horn, Spanish guitar and whistle and sings.

Jack Kerouac,Dody Muller,David Amram-NewYorkCity(1959), by John Cohen.jpg
Jack Kerouac, Dody Muller, David Amram – New York City (1959)

In Amram’s 1968 book Vibes, he described making an omelette for Charlie Parker with fried onions, maple syrup and bacon. In Amram’s interview this week, he told Doyle Amram that he wished he had spent more time with the legendary saxophone giant.

“He gave me something in 1952 that I’ll never forget. I was 21 and lived in a basement apartment and I said ‘Bird’ you wrote that play in 1945, ‘Now’s The Time” and it became an anthem. It was like feeling and hearing something so old, because for me, seven years was a third of my life in 1952. He said it was time This is the time It will always be the time because it is the right time.

Kurt Elling and David Amram - Joe's Pub, January 12, 2018.jpg

Douglas Yeager/David Amram


Kurt Elling and David Amram at Joe’s Pub on January 12, 2018

This week is definitely a good time to pay tribute to Jack Kerouac at the Village Trip Festival.

You can SEE the full interview with Bobby Sanabria and David Amram here.

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