Away: Changing Tides release date, trailer, and gameplay


“Far: Changing Tides” mixes environmental perils with puzzles and ship management. According to the Steam list, Toe must maintain his unique ship, a multi-step process centered on “unlocking parts, fixing faults, and searching the aquatic depths for precious fuel and salvage.” As you travel, the true abilities of the ship are revealed, strengthening the bond with its captain.

“I think the hardest part was coming up with a concept that isn’t just like, ‘now we’re adding all the things we couldn’t do in the first game and making it bigger and better,’ rather, something that has its own identity and place, ”shared Okomotive co-founder Don Schmoker. “During production, the question of making a feature the same or different from the first game often arose. We decided to step away from that mindset and ask if the feature worked independently before deciding to add it. to ‘FAR: Changing Tides’.’ “

Schmoker pointed out that the team created the “Far” universe so that “the player doesn’t have to rush or fight,” instead tackling the world at their own pace. These ideals formed the backbone of the framework and persist in “Changing Tides”. While not a direct sequel to “Lone Sails,” the titles share common ground. The developers decided to make sure that gamers can enjoy what the companion game has to offer whether they’ve played the original or not.


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