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It’s about sharing rods – respecting each other underwater and being good marine managers.

And the beach belongs to everyone.

This is this year’s message on the International Surfing Day of the Surfrider Foundation. It is a semi-vacation created in 2005 to celebrate sport and promote the protection of clean water and healthy beaches.

Ediana Ya, Marketing Director of the Surfrider Foundation, said:

A record number of people have gathered on the country’s beaches in the past year, with the number of visitors increasing by 200 to 300% on some coasts. As the weather warms up and the tourist season arrives, a surfer’s need for a “Good Vibes Beach Guide” becomes especially important. Come on, Anaya said.

“All of these themes are what we now consider important. We all know it’s hot, it’s summer, and it’s hot to go to the beach, so we’re together again, I want to have some fun. “

International Surfing Day is always the third Saturday in June, with around 200 rallies around the world in over 30 countries, with over a million people attending over the past decade.

Events to date range from surf and stand-up paddleboarding clinics, kayaking competitions to beach clean-ups and working with organizations to bring children and underserved communities to the beach.

Concerns about the coronavirus pandemic remain, and although the rally is limited, there is a way to celebrate in 2021, Anaya said.

It can push beginners into the waves or encourage beginners to enjoy their first session. Or it could be as simple as letting people know where the waves are too dangerous or advising people to sit near the guards.

“As a long time surfer, I feel responsible for keeping an eye out for new surfers,” said Anaya.

Surfing can be a sport where people are just looking for as many waves as possible, but it can also be about inclusiveness, he said.

“I want to catch all the waves I can have as a selfish surfer for most of my life, but realize this is a limited resource and I have to find a way to share it. He said. “I admit we have a reason to love surfing. It’s a great sport so everyone goes to the beach and surfs. More people will want to experience it. All of us C it is good for us that we want to do it in a safe and positive way. “

There is a way to join a group that helps an underserved community get to the beach. Many people in the region cannot afford or afford to travel to the coast.

Beach cleanup is another way to get involved, with more debris strewn in the sand and waterways, due to disposable plastic and PPE brought to the beach during crowd growth and the pandemic. .

Solo cleaning is a great way to give back, but several branches of Surf Rider have met for the first time since the pandemic began last year.

The Huntington / Seal Beach Surf Rider branch will be hosting beach cleanups on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon at two locations, Seal Beach Pier and San Gabriel River Pier. This is the first time that the group has held it since February 2020.

“Our motto is to protect and enjoy the way to keep things clean without overloading the different types of services on the beach. We wrap and wrap garbage, ”he said. .. “Pick up the litter you see on the beach and keep it clean. “

The Huntington Beach / Seal Beach branch announced that attendees must pre-register online and are limited to 50 people per location, but a few spots are available on the day of the event.

Surf sessions and clean-up events take place between 26th and 27th Avenues on Bruce Beach in Manhattan Beach. Bruce Beach is an important place owned by Willa and Charles Bruce, a black couple who once ran a resort but were evacuated. Seizure of property by land expropriation.

Discussions are underway to return the beach to the descendants of the Bruce family, but participation in local beaches is also drawing attention.

The Culture Club South Bay and Bloom Holistic Healing will be hosting a free “Sound Healing Experience” at Bruce Beach on Friday May 14th.

“When we are in this unique era, things are open and there is so much excitement that we can see that a lot of people are getting donations from surfing,” said Anaya. “How can we all give back? We encourage you to enjoy a special day of surfing, regardless of race, financial status or gender.

Urban Surf for Kids is a non-profit organization with an Orange County branch that helps bring children from poor communities to the beach.

The Los Angeles Surf Rider branch aims to improve access to local beaches in the underrated Los Angeles County community to “surf, have fun in the sun and discuss community basin conservation.” It was started.

Dennis Erkenev, president of the South OC branch of Surf Rider, said this year’s official International Surf Day event was not hosted by the group, but people can enjoy it themselves.

“We encourage everyone to go celebrate Surf Rider vacations, go to their favorite beaches and party,” she said.

Ideas to consider include a picnic on the lawn overlooking Salt Creek Beach, but she encouraged you not to use disposable plastic. Do Any State Beach is also perfect for all day beach trips. If you get there early enough, you might be able to grab a ring of fire in case the sun goes down.

“Please have a day,” Erkeneff said.

End your day with a surf movie that takes you into the distant waves. There are plenty of action-packed movies with pro surfers, but try a movie that explores culture and compassion.

We recommend the movie “Breaking Boundaries”, in which San Clementeg Dauscus brothers Patrick, Dane and Tanner deliver boards donated from across the country through the nonprofit Positive Vibe Warriors, after Trinidad and Tobago.

Surfline, a Huntington Beach-based surf forecast company, also has a list of ways to enjoy your day. You can do a surf session, go underwater with any type of boat capable of catching the waves or just bodysurf. Or swim. If you are not near the beach, you can go online and surf with the camera to see beaches around the world.

“Take off your ukulele and your favorite Hawaiian shirt, create a Dick Dale playlist, bring an old surf buddy and miss the whole experience,” says Surfline. “Conclusion: stay excited. All day. If possible, extend it.

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