Bill Gates shares his list of summer books – including a sci-fi novel about gender equality, his daughter Jennifer has suggested

Bill Gates reveals his summer book picks – including the sci-fi novel his daughter Jennifer recommended

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One of the best things about summer? Have more time to read.

On Monday, Bill Gates released its annual summer book list. This year, his five picks address important topics such as “gender equality, political polarization, climate change and the hard truth that life never turns out the way young people think,” the co-founder said. of Microsoft, 66 years old. wrote on his blog.

Gates admitted the books he selected don’t “exactly feel like beach reads.”

“But none of the five books below feel heavy,” he continued. “Each of the writers – three novelists, a journalist and a scientist – was able to take a meaty subject and make it compelling without sacrificing complexity.”

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The billionaire and philanthropist shared that the first book on his list came from the suggestion of someone very near and dear to his heart: his 26-year-old daughter, Jennifer Gates.

“I’m glad I took the recommendation of my eldest daughters and read this novel,” he wrote of The powerr by Naomi Alderman.

He cleverly uses a single idea – what if all women in the world suddenly gained the power to produce deadly electric shocks from their bodies? – to explore gender roles and gender equality,” he continued.

Gates wrote that reading the book helped him gain “a stronger, more visceral sense of the abuse and injustice that many women experience today.”

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For his second pick, Gates went with Why We Are Polarized by Ezra Klein.

“In this insightful book, Klein argues persuasively that the cause of this split is identity – the human instinct to let our group identities guide our decision-making,” Gates wrote.

Next, Gates highlighted a book by an author who has already made his summer reading list: The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles.

“Set in 1954, it’s about two brothers trying to drive from Nebraska to California to find their mother,” Gates wrote, noting that the trip “is disrupted by an unstable teenager from the older brother’s past.”

As for the general message of the author? Gates wrote that Towles “seems to say that our personal journeys are never as linear or predictable as we might hope”.

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Gates’ next pick came on the recommendation of many people, who told him it “dramatized many issues” he discussed in this 2021 book, How to avoid a climate catastrophe.

“I’m glad I picked it up, cause it’s awesome,” he wrote of The ministry of the future by Kim Stanley Robinson.

“It’s so complex it’s hard to summarize, but Robinson presents a thought-provoking and engaging story, spanning decades and continents, filled with fascinating ideas and people,” he wrote.

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Last, but certainly not least, is How the world really works by Vaclav Smil — which Gates called a “masterpiece.”

“Unlike most of Vaclav’s books, which read like textbooks and delve deeper into a subject, this one is written for a general audience and provides insight into the main areas of his expertise,” Gates wrote of the book – as Gates notes Insiders can download a free chapter from the blog.

Speaking of the wide range of choices, Gates shared that he “liked all five.”

“I hope you find something here that you like too,” he added.

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