Brazen Ending Explained: Who Killed Kathleen

Netflix’s new mystery thriller Cheeky features Alyssa Milano trying to find her sister’s killer, which leads to her going to great lengths to catch the killer in the end. One of the Netflix movies of January 2022, Cheeky comes from director Monika Mitchell as an adaptation of the novel Brazen Virtue by New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts. Just a year after Alyssa Milano was cast in the lead role of detective novelist Grace Miller, the twisty murder mystery is now within everyone’s reach.

CheekyThe story follows novelist Grace Miller, who has just completed a successful book tour and has returned to Washington DC when her sister Kathleen (Emilie Ullerup) calls her in distress. Kathleen is trying to get full custody of her son now that she’s cleaned up her life after a divorce. However, before she can try to get her young son back, tragedy strikes when Grace finds Kathleen dead in her home. This uncovers a secret that Kathleen had been hiding, which was that she was working as an online dominatrix known as Desiree to earn extra money. Due to her writer’s instinct to get inside the mind of a killer, Grace will stop at nothing to put herself in the middle of the ongoing investigation to find who murdered Kathleen.


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The Netflix movie revolves around CheekyThe two main characters of Grace and Detective Ed Jennings (Sam Page), who work together to solve his sister’s murder. There are several suspects along the way, and the case only gets more complicated as Grace and Ed’s feelings for each other grow and more webcam girls are found dead. Everything leads to Cheekythe suspense-filled ending and the reveal of who was really responsible for Kathleen’s murder. Here is a breakdown of Cheekyends, reveals the killer and explains the unanswered questions.

Who killed Kathleen? Identity of serial killer revealed

Brazen Jerald Baxter Matthew Finlan Killer

It’s only at the very end of CheekyKathleen’s story turns out to be Jerald Baxter (Matthew Finlan). When she is first murdered, the film only gives viewers a few clues as to who was responsible, similar to Easttown Mareelusive murder suspect. The killer, depicted as a masked figure in a green hoodie and wearing a shiny gold watch, is shown breaking into his home, and forensics later reveals the individual was wearing a size shoe 11. There are a lot of suspects at first, Grace particularly highlighting Kathleen’s ex-husband, Jonathan Breezewood (David Lewis), but Jerald Baxter is ultimately responsible. As a student of Kathleen at the high school where she worked, Jerald developed an obsession with her teacher.

Grace is ultimately the one who tricks Jerald into confessing his crimes. She offers to impersonate the new Desiree for Fantasy Inc, knowing that whoever the killer is won’t let an impostor take Kathleen’s place. She sets up her sister’s webcam to lure Jerald home a second time and live stream his confession since the cops left thinking another student was the killer. Jerald then attempts to kill Grace, but Ed arrives home just in time to save Grace, shooting Jerald multiple times in the chest. For her part, Grace is not surprised to see that Jerald is her sister’s murderer and quickly analyzes his motives. It turns out that Jerald’s mother is a state senator and quite cold to him, so Grace thinks he was attracted to Kathleen’s nurturing tendencies. This turns into an unhealthy obsession, leading Jerald to discover Kathleen’s secret Desiree. As Grace suggests, Jerald felt he had to kill her then because Kathleen’s Desiree persona was too controlling and ruined the image he had built of Kathleen.

Why Jerald Baxter Attacked Two Other Dominatrixes

Overbearing victim of cheeky movie

In addition to killing Kathleen, Jerald also attacks two other dominatrixes during Cheeky. He kills the first woman he attacks after murdering Kathleen. In the video, Jerald calls her Desiree and even positions her body as Kathleen’s body was positioned when she died. The second dominatrix Jerald attacks manages to fend him off for a short time, even severing his arm, and he is forced to flee when his family returns home. It seems to come out of nowhere, but CheekyThe ending provides a quick and possible explanation for why Jerald goes from killing Kathleen to becoming a serial killer. He tells Grace that he considers all dominatrixes to be “Desiree” now, implying that he would have continued killing if he hadn’t died in Cheekyends, as he sees them all as the character who destroyed his pure image of Kathleen.

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Will Grace and Ed stay together?

Movie Brazen Grace Miller Ed Jennings Alyssa Milano Sam Page

The final scene in CheekyThe ending shows Grace and Ed together in her house and briefly discussing what’s next. They both seem interested in continuing their newly sparked romance, and the film’s credits start rolling before an official answer is given. Everything indicates that Grace and Ed will see where this relationship goes, but it is not known if they will stay together in the long term. Grace was living in a different part of the country before her sister died, so she had to move permanently to make it work. Since she should inherit Kathleen’s house, it might entice her to stay, especially since she can write novels anywhere. But whether their feelings are real or fleeting, it’s something that a potential Cheeky the sequel should answer.

How did Jerald send flowers with Mr. Morgan’s credit card?

Brazen Desiree Movie Flower Card

A question that the Cheeky The unresponsive ending is the flower arrangement sent to Kathleen’s funeral. Grace has a flower note charged to Rand Morgan’s father’s credit card. However, neither Rand Morgan nor his father sent the flowers or wrote the note. The implication is that Jerald sent Desiree’s note, as he previously confirmed that he sent flowers to the funeral. Jerald’s flowers were tulips, however, and the note came with roses. CheekyThe ending doesn’t provide a reasonable explanation of who actually sent the flowers and the note, but it certainly sounds like something Jerald would do. One possible explanation is that the tech-savvy high schooler managed to send the flowers using Mr. Morgan’s credit card without them realizing it.

Will Kathleen’s ex-husband be arrested for fraud?

cheeky movie jonathan breezewood david lewis

CheekyJonathan’s ending also leaves Jonathan’s future as Kathleen’s ex-husband somewhat up in the air. Netflix’s psychological thriller reveals early on that Kathleen’s plan to gain full custody of her and Jonathan’s son is to fraudulently blackmail her ex. She had documents supporting these claims, which Grace obtained after her sister died. Grace was convinced the documents were incriminating, though Jonathan didn’t seem to mind. Ultimately, it’s unclear whether there was any legitimacy to Jonathan’s fraud charges and whether authorities would arrest him for illegal dealings. Because CheekyThe ending doesn’t directly answer that question anyway, it’s best to assume he’s innocent of any crime and will remain the primary caregiver for his and Kathleen’s son.

What happens to Kathleen’s other murder suspects

Cheeky movie Kathleen Desiree Emilie Ullerup

Although CheekyThe ending ends with the killer’s identity being confirmed, she does not reveal what happens to the other suspects in her murder. Jonathan is presumably left alone to raise his son, but what happened to Rand Morgan next is not shown. He was last seen in the hospital after Jerald attacked him, but Grace learns he is secretly gay and in a relationship with Fantasy Inc employee Richie (Jack Armstrong). There’s no fix on whether or not Rand is dating his dad, but that might be a conversation best saved for when he gets out of the hospital.

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