Colleen Hoover, the novelist who leads the bestseller list.

Colleen Hoover has sold over 20 million books.

With passionate fan squads and an aptitude for dynamic drama. And she had her way of doing it. Colleen Hoover stole the hearts of many readers with her unique visualization. Early in her life she was a social worker and after that she started working at WIC, a nutrition program for women, children and infants.

During her work at WIC, she launched the pursuit of her writing career. Colleen Hoover was a dedicated writer who used to write her work on the laptop she used to borrow from her mother while Mrs. Hoover’s sons were at rehearsals. “Slammed” was Ms. Hoover’s first article that she had no intention of publishing and eventually gave as a Christmas present to her mother. Shortly thereafter, in 2012, Ms. Hoover released her book “Slammed” to share with friends and family.

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Colleen Hoover is currently the best-selling novelist in the United States. Ms. Hoover has dynamically sold more than 8.6 million books in print this year, which is more than the Bible according to NPD BookScan. Her work is extremely famous among readers, and in total she has twenty-two novels and short stories. Colleen Hoover is an internationally bestselling and New York Times #1 author of romance, young adult thriller, women’s fiction, and paranormal romance. She is not confined to one genre and had her way of expressing the words.

Colleen Hoover has won several awards for her articles. In 2014, Colleen’s novel MAYBE SOMEDAY won the UtopYA Con Awards in the Most Innovative Marketing category. In 2015, her novel CONFESS won the Goodreads Choice Award in the Best Romance category. Colleen Hoover’s most popular work, IT ENDS WITH USA, won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance in 2016. In 2017, Colleen’s book WITHOUT MERIT won the award for Best Romance. CoHo’s novel CONFESS has also been adapted into a film series by Awestruck starring Katie Leclerc and Ryan Cooper and is available on Amazon prime video.

Colleen’s fans are mostly women, who called themselves CoHorts. Coho fans often post overflowing reactions to his book’s devastating climaxes on TikTok and Instagram. Once, her overenthusiastic fan posted on TikTok that she wanted Colleen Hoover to punch her in the face because it sure would hurt less than those books. Colleen’s passionate fanbase has given her a degree of mastery over her speech that is unusual when editing.

Colleen has made deals with many publishers, occasionally selling printing rights and honoring e-book rights. Coho also began self-publishing and persisted in doing events. Colleen is currently under several contracts to release six books with 3 publishers in the five year period which are as follows: 3 new whodunits with Grand Central, a Hachette imprint; 2 new novels with Atria whose genre is romance, a division of Simon & Schuster; & a new novel with Mountlake, Amazon Publishing’s romance imprint.

It is often a question, which Colleen Hoover novel should be read first. According to USA Today, Colleen Hoover’s book “It Ends With Us” is one of CoHo’s top-ranked and one of CoHo’s most popular and best-received novels. It’s a good place to start your journey with Coho and dive into the ocean of his work. “It Starts With Us” is the anticipation for its sequel, which will be released on October 18.

Colleen Hoovers’ major work involves an emotionally intense situation that includes lasting trauma, infertility, sexual assault, and acrimonious relationships. If one is looking for something less traumatic and less intense, according to USA Today, one can refer to “Maybe one day”.

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