Construction impacts travel to Oxbow Park and Zollman Zoo

BYRON, Minn. – The parking lot may be full, but many visitors jumped through hoops to get to Oxbow Park & ​​Zollman Zoo. Construction on Valleyhigh Rd and County Rd 105 is slowing people down on their way to the park.

Desiree Schlicher brought her granddaughter to the park and the zoo on Sunday. It usually doesn’t take them long to get there, but construction increases their travel time.

“I started from 5 where you normally come and it took about 15 minutes to get there normally from where I live. It literally doubled to get here,” says Schlicher.

Valleyhigh Rd takes people straight to Oxbow Park and the Zollman Zoo. According to naturalist Clarissa Schrooten, it is under construction to be wider, to have turning lanes and shoulders. County Rd 105 is also being redesigned. Schrooten told KIMT News 3 that the road is being moved higher up the hill for flood improvements.

“The road will not be under water so it will be fine. We don’t fix our road over and over again when we have flooding and it will hopefully stay in a safe area where we don’t have to. worry about flooding. road. “

It usually takes Sean Hayden 12 minutes to get to the park and zoo. Now it takes him about 20 minutes.

“As soon as I got to the fork here at 105, I was surprised but it’s Minnesota. It’s happening. Construction is still going on.”

Schrooten suggests visitors plan their routes in advance.

“It’s worth coming here. You can always check our Facebook, ”says Schrooten. “We keep this really up to date. Oxbow Park’s Facebook is a good place to find directions on the best way to get there.”

Schrooten also recommends checking phone messages from Oxbow Park Nature Center and the Olmsted County website.

To get to Oxbow Park and the Zollman Zoo, visitors can use County Roads 3 and 5 as detours. According to Olmsted County, construction of County Road 105 is expected to be completed by next summer. Valleyhigh Rd is scheduled to reopen on November 22.

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