Country’s first underwater metro in Kolkata, passengers will soon be able to travel

India’s first undersea metro service could start by June 2023. It will be a one-of-a-kind metro service under the East-West Corridor project. Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation said on Monday that the project from Salt Lake to Howrah will soon be completed and passengers will be able to travel. This route will pass under the Hooghly River via Kolkata. Currently, the metro runs on this route between Sector V and Sealdah but it is not under water.

Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation in its statement said: “The target has been set to complete the works from Sealdah to Howrah by June 2023.” The total length of this route is 15.55 km, of which 9.3 km are already operational. On the remaining 7.25 km, it will be operational in less than a year.

Howrah and Sealdah stations are very busy. In such a situation, the opening of this route will bring great relief to passengers. It will be easy for them to get around on this busy route. This suite is approximately 10.8 km underground and 5.8 km high. Previously, it was said that this project would not be completed until December 2021. The completion of the project was delayed due to an accident during the tunnel works.

Many houses have been cracked due to tunnel works. At the same time, in August 2019, the Tunnel Borins machine collided with an aquifer, due to which many buildings collapsed.

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