Evening dedicated to the 100th birthday of Polish science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem at the Maksud Ibragimbekov Creativity Center in Baku (PHOTO)

BAKOU, Azerbaijan, September 17


An evening dedicated to the 100th birthday of Polish philosopher, futurist and science fiction writer, winner of domestic and foreign awards Stanislav Lem was held at the Maksud Ibragimbekov Creativity Center.

The event was organized by the Maksud Ibrahimbekov Creativity Center, the Polish International Science Center, the Polish Embassy in Azerbaijan and the NG Creators Club.

The highlight of the evening was the excerpt from Stanislaw Lem: “The world needs to be changed, otherwise it will start to change us in an uncontrolled way”.

Writers’ books have been translated into over 40 languages, with a total circulation of over 30 million copies.

These are science fiction, psychological essays, studies of the problems of astronautics, cybernetics, literary criticism, futurology; poems, stories, novels, scripts, plays, monographs. In his works, people communicate with intelligent oceans, robots create other robots, there are many other things that serve as a backdrop for the analysis of man – the limits of his methods of cognition. , possible ways to develop our civilization and contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

One of his main works – ‘Solaris’, describes the relationship of the men of the future with the intelligent ocean of the planet Solaris.

About forty films have been shot and performances have been staged based on the works of Stanislaw Lem. He is the author of the fundamental philosophical work “The Sum of Technology”, in which he anticipated the creation of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and also developed the ideas of human self-evolution, the creation of artificial worlds and many others.

The evening was attended by Anna Ibrahimbekova, Director of the Maksud Ibragimbekov Creativity Center, Bartosz Musdjialovich, Cultural Advisor of the Polish Embassy, ​​Representative of the National Academy of Sciences, Director of the Polish International Science Center, Gular Abdullayeva , member of Azerbaijan Union of Writers, science fiction writer Alexander Khakimov, member of Union of Azerbaijan Photographers, artistic director Rustam Huseynov, representative of Azerbaijan OJSC Sona Guliyeva, director of NG Creators Club Natig Aliyev and others.

The host of the evening was the head of the information department, lecturer of the music theory department of the Baku Academy of Music named after Uzeyir Hajibeyli, doctor of philosophy in art history Alyona Inyakina.

During the evening, the participants of the event addressed a video presentation “Polish architects in the city of Baku”, whose main leitmotif was the theme “Adventures of the character of the works of Stanislav Lem – Iyon Tikhy among the buildings of Polish architects in Baku “. The spatial images for the video presentation were provided by Azerkosmos.

Guests were mesmerized by Anna Ibragimbekova’s original photoshoot, taken on the Caspian coast, as well as the projects “Stanislaw Lem’s Worlds in Display Space” and “The Importance of Music in works of science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem “.

The concert program was performed by a professor of the Baku Academy of Music, winner of international competitions, the honored artist Elnara Keberlinskaya and a talented young pianist, winner of republican and international competitions, Firuza Beglyarova, who performed works of foreign and Azerbaijani classics.

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