Fallen Order – All 10 locations, ranked

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Jedi: Fallen Order, especially for die-hard fans who have the time to do it, is exploration. There is so much fun walking around and seeing things on the different maps and locations. Luckily, the game offers fans five amazing places to do so and a few bonus locations that are awesome without deep crawling.

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Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyyk, Dathomir and Ilum are joined by two ships, a moon, a space station and another planet in the list of locations for Fallen Order, and each of them has something for fans to adore.

ten L’Albedo Brave

The interior of the Albedo Brave

The Albedo Brave, a big name for a ship, is the Venator class used by Jaro Tapal and the 13th Battalion and is also the setting for the many flashbacks to Tapal training that Cal has throughout the game.

It’s definitely a great location, but it’s just a Venator; fans know what it is and what they’re getting. She’s obviously a tough guy having training drills on the ship, and her interior is generally superb. On top of that, these flashbacks really help the player connect with Cal, making him one of the best canon video game characters. However, there is simply not much to say about it compared to other places.

9 Ordo Eris

Cal is captured by the Haxian Brood and taken to Ordo Eris in Jedi Fallen Order

Ordo Eris is an asteroid space station and one of the three central locations Cal travels to or gets stuck outside of the five main planets. This is the stronghold of the Hexian Brood and this is where they take Cal when they capture him.

There is no real exploration available for the resort, which sits on the edge of the Outer Rim. It’s, however, cool to have an arena and a prison in the space station, and it’s fun to navigate and escape the place. It’s just not as memorable despite its entertaining design.


8 Mantis

The Mantis is the main mode of transportation between the planets. Piloted by Greez Dritus and equipped with a variety of paint options, it’s a great base for the game’s beloved characters, Cal, BD-1, Cere, and Greez – as well as Merrin later.

There is no exploration in the Mantis, but besides being a well-designed place where the player spends a lot of time, it is a place where interesting conversations can take place, Cal can meditate and work on his lightsaber, and can observe the terrarium.

7 Bracca

Star ships are scrapped at Bracca junkyard in Jedi Fallen Order

Bracca is the first planet players will take over Cal on, as the Jedi works there as a Scrap Guild worker. Since the game’s release, the planet has only gotten better with its appearance in The wrong lot.

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Bracca is where Cal and the Albedo Brave crashed, and so this is where he resides for five years before the events of the match. It’s a pretty exceptional planet in terms of design, made up of rocky plains and junk mountains. Knowing that so many of these ships are decommissioned vehicles used during the Clone Wars adds an emotional layer to the planets for fans of this era. However, the location is quite linear and straightforward, and it cannot be flipped or explored, holding it back relative to other planets.

6 Bogano

Cal and BD-1 zipline through platforms on Bogano in Jedi Fallen Order

Bogano is the first planet in the game that players can play through after leaving Bracca. It’s a planet with a good deal of exploration, fantastic music, fun gameplay, and overall it’s just a relaxing time to experience.

For these reasons, Bogano is loved by some fans; for these same reasons, however, it is not as popular as other planets. It’s a very basic place overall and there is a lack of challenge compared to other worlds. That doesn’t stop it from being fun, or essential, or taking away how well-designed it is. However, this prevents it from reaching the heights of other planets for many fans.

5 Ilum

The Mantis arrives on Ilum in Jedi Fallen Order

Ilum is one of the most important planets in the Star wars Galaxy and a great view, especially inside the Crystal Caves. It is, however, the shortest of the five main planets of Fallen Order.

That, added to the lack of enemies and the general excitement, holds him back for a lot. However, the weight behind the planet, knowing its importance in every Jedi’s life as well as its tragic future of being undermined for Kyber by the Empire and ultimately becoming the Starkiller base, gives her a sense of enormous importance as the player ventures through its beautiful snowy and icy climate.

4 Zeffo

Jedi Fallen Order Zeffo environment

While places like Bogano and Ilum hurt for some fans by their simplicity or short duration, Zeffo suffers from the opposite problem for some fans as he is an absolute colossus of a planet and a complex planet.

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For many, however, that makes them the best of the best. With graves, winding roads, a plethora of enemies and databank entries, and overall there’s so much to it, it’s a joy to explore but a pain to navigate. It is the largest of the all new planets and perhaps the most beautiful world in the game. However, the lack of clarity during the crossing and the frustrating nature of the holo-map prevent it from being loved by all. .

3 Nur

Vader arrives on Nur and kills Trilla in Jedi Fallen Order

The last of the three secondary locations players travel to in the game is Nur, a water moon located in the Mustafar system and the home of the Iquisitorius Underwater Fortress.

The moon is exhilarating to play; from arriving on it to meeting Trilla to escaping Vader, it’s remarkably designed as both a level of play and an exceptional location, suitable for the Inquisitorius. Players don’t spend a lot of time on Nur, but the time there is siege edge stuff with more fantastic music, emotional punches, and a brilliant climax to one of the Star Wars’ best games ever.

2 Dathomir

Cal and BD-1 arrive on Dathomir in Jedi Fallen Order

While Dathomir has yet to be seen in a Star wars movie, he had enough screen time through The clone wars, and Fallen Order did not disappoint fans of the series with its portrayal of the strange planet which has always been a perfect world for a Star wars video game.

Filled with formidable, if not formidable enemies, the location presents fans to both Malicos and Merrin and is a truly magnificent planet to explore with its barren landscapes and spooky atmosphere, which is only magnified by the inhabitants of the planet. . The map can sometimes suffer from the same issues as Zeffo, but being smaller and being an established planet with exceptional enemies, it’s easier to deal with.

1 Kashyyyk

Cal Kestis and the Ninth Sister battle Kashyyyk in Jedi Fallen ORder

Without a doubt, the most established and well-known location in the game is Kashyyk, a mainstay of Star wars and its video games. The home planet of the Wookiees has another fantastic outing in this game.

Players know what they’re getting with Kashyyyk in terms of design, but it’s still an amazing sight with more than weed to enjoy. There are Imperial Installations, Shadowlands, Underwater Areas and more. On top of that, the planet has perhaps the best lineup of enemies and a boss battle with the Ninth Sister. There will always be a bias for Kashyyyk, given his established popularity and how much the Wookiees are loved. But from the score and the story to the character cameos and everything in between, Kashyyyk has earned that love as a place to Jedi Fallen Order:

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