FFXIV: Why the Kojins are the best tribe

It’s almost impossible to run out of things to do in Final Fantasy XIV. From upgrading jobs to creating in-game dishes, it offers a truly huge world to explore. One thing players are encouraged to do is interact with the Beast Tribes scattered around the world, completing quests for them.

There are many tribes of beasts, but the most developed and intriguing are the Kojins. This turtle-like tribe was introduced with Stormblood and is heavily involved in the expansion’s story, often interacting with the Warrior of Light and even granting them the ability to breathe underwater.

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Who are the Kojins?

The settlement of Tamamizu in Final Fantasy 14

Kojins are semi-aquatic humanoids who build magnificent colonies under the sea. The premise of these, Tamamizu, is a breathtaking place with beautiful music in which players will travel a lot during the game, whether in the game. part of the main storyline, completing Kojin quests or learning to hunt underwater.

Kojin culture believes in kami, gods who inhabit objects and bring them prosperity. Perhaps this is why skilled artisans and traders are important in Kojin communities, and collecting many items and souvenirs seems to be an important tradition for the Kojin.

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One of these kami is Susano, a primitive who ends up being accidentally summoned during Stormblood. As befits the typically laid-back Kojin tribe, Susano is not outwardly hostile, and fighting him is treated more as a combat exercise. This makes sense, as his title is Lord of Revel, and he offers a nice change of pace to openly aggressive enemies that players typically have to fight.

The Kojins are broadly divided into two tribes. Blue Kojins (who for some reason wear green, not blue) are pacifists that players interact with the most. In contrast, Red Kojins are more volatile and mercenaries. When the Garlean Empire invaded Othard, the Red Kojin joined them for opportunities to fight and avoid the Imperial oppression often distributed to their conquered lands. Players can further explore this dichotomy throughout some really interesting Kojin story quests.

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Kojin’s Daily Quests

A fight during a daily Kojin quest in Final Fantasy 14

Becoming respected in the eyes of the Kojins is not as much of a chore as it can be for other bestial tribes. There is enough variation in the Daily Quests that players need to take on to build trust with them that it never feels boring. As a result, these quests are an attractive method of gaining experience from level 60 to level 70, especially while waiting for instance queues to appear.

A good thing about these quests is that they often involve taking care of one of their striped rays. These are beautiful manta ray-like creatures that the Kojins use as mounts and that the player will no doubt become attached to. There are quests to feed them, use them to blow up wrecks, and take them for walks for exercise.

Other Kojin quests have players traveling around the Sea of ​​Ruby to take down monsters, deal with the antagonism of the Red Kojins, and help other residents of Othard. In a beautiful quest, the player simply delivers Kojin pickles to the Confederates, which highlights the peaceful and cooperative nature of the Beast Tribe and makes them endearing.

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Kojin Beast Tribe Quests

Quests unlock as players build trust with the Kojin, and much of it deals with the Blue Kojin’s ambition to become a major player in the region’s trade. They follow the attempts of a Kojin named Kabuto to collect valuable treasures while inadvertently making important connections with other settlements such as the Namazu of Yanxia and the Au Ra of Reunion.

The questline is sometimes quite humorous thanks to the inclusion of a mischievous kami, which is a nice break from the seriousness of Stormbloodscenario quests. Each ends with the Blue Kojin adding a nice new treasure to his collection, which players can see on the Tamamizu screen. The gradual progress made is really satisfying.

The final quest “True-blue” is an excellent cornerstone of the storyline. The player and Kabuto visit everyone they bond with during the questline as they solve the mystery of Tsukumo, the kami-inhabited doll they have traveled with and owe their success. It ends on a high note (slightly bittersweet) that makes players feel accomplished and satisfied with their actions.

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The advantages of allying with the Kojin

A player in Kojin armor with a Striped mount in Final Fantasy 14

The experience they provide is one of the main draws in completing the Kojin’s quests. Of Stormblood From now on, Beast Tribe quests grant a large amount of experience that scales with the player’s level, as long as it is within the expansion’s level gap (60-70 for Stormblood, 70 to 80 for Shadowbringer). This makes quests a great way to level up.

However, the main attraction is the range of items that the player can purchase with Kojin Sango acquired during the daily quests. While minions are cute and it’s nice to have the Red Kojin and Blue Kojin versions available, players will surely be more elated when they realize they can purchase their own Striped Stripe mount. It’s amazing to hover in the sky or underwater on a giant manta ray creature.

Another great reward is the Kojin armor set, which convincingly makes the player look like a Kojin from the blue. It’s a step up from comical pieces of armor from other bestial tribes, like Namazu’s gigantic head. All in all, these awards are just the icing on the delicious cake that is the Kojin, a well-developed tribe of beasts who show off the skills of writers beautifully.

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