Former teacher at Elite College in Eton, UK embroiled in controversy after interview with anti-Semite who claimed Jews were “behind pornography”

Former Eton teacher Will Knowland. Photo: YouTube

A former teacher at Britain’s elite Eton College is embroiled in controversy after conducting a softball interview with a writer who claimed “Jews were always behind pornography” among other racist statements.

UK news site online new reported that E. Michael Jones made the comments during a YouTube interview hosted by Will Knowland, who taught Eton before he was fired after controversy over a lecture widely ridiculed as sexist.

Jones made a series of rambling and vaguely anti-Semitic comments to Knowland, claiming, among other things, that “critical race theory is Jewish”; the philosopher Stanley Fish suffered from “Jewish animosity”; “Talmudic” Jewish scholarship “led to the disappearance of literary criticism”; “The group that took control” of the cinema was “the Hollywood Jews” who “used it as a form of control”; Americans are “upset” because “Jews corrupt morals”; “Jews have always been behind pornography; And that opposition to pornography and the sexual revolution was “crushed by the Jews, the ADL, who had the counterattack by calling everything they didn’t like hate speech.”

Knowland expressed no objection to Jones’ anti-Semitic statements.

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September 26, 2021 6:24 P.M.

The ADL has criticized Jones in the past, saying he “promotes the idea that Jews are dedicated to the propagation and perpetration of attacks on the Catholic Church and on moral standards, social stability and the political order across the world “.

Knowland said in a statement: “Obviously many Jews are appalled by pornography, but suppressing the discussion is not healthy. As a result, Jewish involvement in pornography has been discussed in the Jewish quarterly. “

“People should be free to make up their own minds about Dr E. Michael Jones’ statements,” he said, and if Jones “is wrong in his opinions, giving them a platform is the best way. to expose these errors “.

Knowland was fired from his teaching job at Eton when he posted a talk on YouTube that said “patriarchy is, rather than just being socially constructed, partly based on biology” and “biologically speaking, the idea that men wield power over women is nonsense. “

Women, he added, “harness their power of sexual choice to get men to compete to do things for them.”

Knowland condemned his dismissal as an attack on his freedom of speech.

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