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Clash between Senator Manchin and Senator Sanders over Dems’ spending plan

Democrats pursue a “two-way” strategy to push forward both the bipartisan infrastructure deal and a larger Democrats-only spending program time by Congress. The second bill is not yet finished, although some parts are starting to take shape in the House. Democrats plan to prepare it before September 27 when an agreement was reached to give the smallest bill already passed by the Senate a vote in the lower house.

With their small majority in the House, progressives are pushing for the full $ 3.5 trillion budgeted in the bill to be included, which is less than the original $ 6 trillion over ten years. However, Senator Joe Manchin says he’s not on board and without his vote, Democrats will have fewer votes than the 50 they need in the upper house. He thinks the party should wait on the larger spending envelope and simply pass the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill.

Response from Senator Bernis Sanders “absolutely not acceptable. No infrastructure bill without the $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. ”

In a Saturday night tweet he wrote “We are not going to build bridges just so our people can live under them.”

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