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DUBAI: Part-Palestinian models Bella and Gigi Hadid starred in a new Versace campaign this week, with the powerful sisters posing alongside Donatella Versace, founder of the Italian luxury fashion house.

The brand chose the Dutch-American sisters, who championed the brand’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection, to portray the family-inspired photo shoot.

“The Versace SS22 campaign is an exploration of family and belonging in its many forms, brotherhood, community and an embrace of the global Versace family of Donatella Versace,” read the brand’s caption on Instagram.

Campaign images show Bella and Gigi wearing latex dresses and suits, as well as skirts in bright red and blue and black.

In one of the shoots, the models posed with Versace on the floor, wearing black dresses with colorful cutout tights. The images featured classic Versace designs, such as safety pins and handkerchiefs. To spice up their look, Versace and the two models wore wedge heels in pink, black and green.

The catwalk stars also unveiled the brand’s La Medusa handbags and mini bags.

Versace took to social media to further express her views on the campaign.

“Family is so important to me, that’s why I wanted these images to focus on brotherhood,” she wrote to her 7.5 million followers.

“I love this campaign so much I couldn’t help but join my Versace queens Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid in a snap. Girls, you are inspiring and empowering, and I love you so much.

Gigi described working with her younger sister on the campaign as “a dream”.

“Being a Versace girl has been one of my greatest honors over the years, but the most cherished moments are those with you, Donatella Versace,” she said on Instagram.

“If you get to know your heroes and they’re better than you imagined, call them back. I love you DV and I appreciate you so much.

Bella said on Instagram that filming still gave her “body chills.”

She wrote, “I can’t believe I’m working for one of my biggest idols, alongside my big sister. It’s incredible.”

Versace has also tapped Colombian singer Maluma, the brand’s latest face to feature in the Spring/Summer 2022 menswear campaign earlier this month.

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