Gabe Kapler, on his way to first place sacking, always heeded skeptics – The Athletic


Gabe Kapler did not look at “ums” or “sinks”. No filler jargon. He opted for persistent silence, searching for the right words to pick.

How does he explain this growth of his, so that those outside the bubble would understand? How does he reconcile the rift between the manager who left Philadelphia and the one who helped the Giants get behind the wheel of National League West? He did not take this answer lightly, because it was linked to a philosophy that is dear to him.

So he took his time to craft a dignified response. Thought.

Thought. The pause was long enough to give the impression that the call had been dropped.

“I had a pretty structured way of handling baseball games and a baseball club and a dugout,” Kapler said, breaking the pregnant break in a phone interview last week. “And was pretty stiff. And I think now I’m more flexible and less sure. And I think I ask more questions, involve more people, and listen more.

“I don’t think baseball is a paper game. And I think I feel like I understand the human beings involved and their level of trust. And the chemistry and the clubhouse and the harmony in the clubhouse are the most important things now, and maybe a little tactical advantage on paper isn’t worth playing with that harmony. Does that make sense? “

Certainly, Kapler doesn’t hesitate to frustrate his fan base with some of his choice of paddocks and lineup moves. But that’s normal for a manager.

What is different in his case is the speed with which he revived his managerial representative. He was all but ruled out of Philadelphia as manager of the Phillies with a year remaining on his contract.


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