Game of Thrones season 8 is still among the most pirated TV shows of 2021

Despite its controversial ending years ago, HBO’s groundbreaking fantasy series Game of Thrones remains among the most pirated TV shows in the world in 2021.

HBO’s groundbreaking fantasy series, game of thronesis still among the most pirated TV shows in the world in 2021. George RR Martin’s A song of ice and fire began in 1996, and while fans always await the last two books of the novelist, The Winds of Winter and a spring dreamthe HBO adaptation wrapped in 2019. The network and fans are barely done with Westeros.

Despite The long night‘s cancellation, several others game of thrones spinoffs have been announced and are in development at HBO. The most talked about of these upcoming spinoffs is this year’s Dragon Houseinspired by Martin’s Fire & Blood and focuses on the Targaryen dynasty 300 years before game of thrones. Other shows include the Dunk and Egg Tales, 9 trips, Flea Bottom, 10,000 ships (probably temporary titles) and an untitled animation, all of which will take place before the flagship series. As audiences wait for these shows (and Martin’s books to better wrap up Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s story), it looks like they’re always watching game of thrones.


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Akamai (Going through The envelope) gathered data regarding the most pirated TV shows of 2021. Following a story of fans pirating the series (particularly in 2020 when it came in at number 1 on a similar list), game of thrones arrives at number 6. In 2017, game of thrones was the most pirated show of the year for the sixth time in a row, leading HBO to ask internet service providers to warn customers caught pirating the series. The full list of the most pirated shows of 2021 can be found below:

1. “Loki” Season 1

2. “WandaVision” Season 1

3. “Rick and Morty” Season 5

4. “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Season 1

5. “The Walking Dead” Season 10

6. “Game of Thrones” Season 8

7. “The Flash” Season 7

8. “Vikings” Season 6

9. “True Beauty” Season 1

10. “Superman & Lois” Season 1

End of Game of Thrones

game of thronesThe final season remains incredibly divisive, or rather, hated among fans due to its overall sense of rush, from plot points to character development. The series was clearly at its best when it released source material to fall back on in its first four seasons. That being said, game of thrones is one of the most acclaimed and influential fantasy shows of all time. As the likes of Jonah Hill watch it for the first time for The Red Wedding and longtime fans revisit their favorite episodes (and debate the ending), other streamers are trying to replicate its success with shows like from Netflix. the witcher and Amazon Prime Video wheel of time.

game of thrones will remain relevant thanks to Martin’s long-awaited books and HBO’s litany of spinoffs, which will essentially build a Westerosi universe for the network. The 2 best shows of 2021, Loki and Wanda Vision, arguably rank so high thanks to fandom’s investment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other shows like rick and morty remain a light-hearted, comedic staple and The Walking Dead is about to meet its end on AMC. While none of this bodes well for streaming services and paying subscribers, the list above offers a fascinating look at some of the most talked about and pirated shows of the past year.

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Source: Akamai (via envelope)

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