Genshin Impact Perpetual Mechanical Array, teleporter location guide

In Genshin Impact‘s Inazuma, there is a teleportation waypoint, domain, and the perpetual mechanical network boss north of the main island. However, if you take a boat or try to swim, you won’t be able to reach it. In our Genshin Impact guide, we will detail how to access the teleporter, the domain and the boss of the perpetual mechanical network.

Find the teleportation waypoint and the empty ship of the Thousand Gates Realm

the Teleport Waypoint and Empty boat of the Thousand Doors Estate are inaccessible up to half of the Sacred Sakura purification ritual world quest line. The quest begins with a masked shrine maiden who you will see standing in front of a statue shortly after you leave Ritou.

To find the structures you will need to travel to a cave underwater, but to get to the cave you will need to head to a shrine in Araumi and complete two cubic puzzles. After that, you will be able to access the ruins which have both the teleportation waypoint and further on, the domain.

Go to the boss of the perpetual mechanical network

You don’t necessarily need to complete world quests to gain access to the boss. Since its materials are needed by Ayaka (and other characters to come), you can get there by sailing to the island north of Narukami Island.

Along the southern tip of this island there is a Electrogranum plant. Pick up the Electrograna and fly upwards using the Thunder spheres. You will embark on a portal that will spit you on the boss.

However, if you don’t complete the Sakura Holy Cleansing Ritual questline, you will need to teleport out of this area, as all exits will be blocked.

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