Hardy Lake Provincial Park in Ontario has serene lake and small island boardwalks

Hardy Lake Provincial Park has everything you need for an epic day of exploring just two and a half hours from Toronto. Hiking trails lead here around a peaceful lake, small island, and unexpected waterfall and showcase some of Muskoka’s most beautiful natural beauties.

Torrance Park is located just off Highway 169 and has a few different trails to hike: a three-mile loop, an eight-mile hike around the lake, and a seven-mile trail through forest and wetlands. .

Bring your good shoes and try the more difficult five mile trail. The views of the lake are endless, and a quick excursion to a small, secret island is scheduled during the two to three hour drive.

The trail circles glistening Hardy Lake and crosses the rugged Precambrian shoreline typical of the region.

As the park was completely underwater before the last ice age, the shores are also rich in rare aquatic plants that are normally found along the Atlantic coast.

In summer, there are a few swimming spots to enjoy along the way. Be careful if you plan on swimming as the shores can be extremely slippery and the water gets quite deep.

Follow the winding lake promenade to reach the island, which is just a small patch of land with a few trees. Wooden sidewalks stretch out on either side of it.

It is also along this trail that you will discover a small waterfall, gently rolling down a slope into the lake. While it doesn’t compare to the raging waterfalls of Hamilton and beyond, it nonetheless adds to the natural beauty of the area.

To extend your hike even further, the seven-kilometer trail brings you to the shores of Lake Muskoka on the southeast side of the park.

This is a non-operational park so there are no facilities for visitors and cycling, motor vehicles and camping are not allowed.

If you are planning to visit and explore Hardy Lake Provincial Park, be sure to practice safe physical distance and recover on your own to leave the area as beautiful as you have found it.

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