Hidden Secrets of Temtem

For what seems like decades, Pokemon fans are clamoring for a developer to create a one-to-one clone of the popular monster-collecting game that can be played on platforms beyond Nintendo consoles, and that fixes issues fans have had with the Pokemon series for ages . It’s been a long time coming, but that dream is finally coming true. Temtemmade by Crema Games in Madrid, Spain, has left Early Access and is now available for purchase.

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Anyone knowing Pokemon understand the essentials of Temptem: build a roster of monsters (called Temtem), travel the world and compete against other trainers or online against friends, although this game is much more difficult than Nintendo’s classic. There are a few other ways to pass the time in the game, however. The developers of Crema have hidden a number of secrets in the Airborne Archipelago world. Some are nothing more than easter eggs, while others are valuable items that can grant game-changing new abilities to a player’s Temtem.


9 Easter Egg: The Retired Tamer

In the southern part of Mokupuni, there is an old man standing near a fence. His name is “Retired Tamer” and he has a story to tell. Talking to him brings up the dialogue “You know, I was a tamer like you…but then…”

Players will then have a few dialogue options to respond with. The obvious choice is the answer “Took a Piraniant to the knee?”, which is a direct reference to the “Arrow to the knee” meme from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. However, the old man will throw a curveball towards the player with his response: “…It wasn’t the knee.” Yeah. Poor man.

8 Hidden Object: The Lost Pendant

This item, the side quest key “Gone with the Silaro” given by Clara in Zadar, can be difficult to find without some directions on where to go. Players will need the Surfboard item to reach it, as it is located on a beach only accessible by traveling north along the Silano River.

The pendant isn’t the real quest reward here though. Returning the item to Clara will reward the player with TC001: Tsunami, which allows them to train their Temtem to use the Tsunami technique, a powerful Water ability that can be combined with a Wind ally to inflict the Cold condition on top of its base damage.

seven Easter Egg: The Choppa

It’s a bit of an unusual decision to reference a famous Arnold Schwarzenegger line from a gory 80s action movie in a seemingly kid-friendly game about building a family of cute monsters, but at this era of reference media, nothing is forbidden.

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The line is somewhat throwable, but it appears when the player fights their way through the Belsoto clan tamers in the Anak Volcano. A pair called Lab Security, when defeated, will shout “Ruuun! Gooo! Go to Doctooor!” in reference to the now famous line from 1987 Predator. Obviously, reading that line in anything other than Arnold’s accent is against the rules.

6 Hidden object: Misogi

Along the Silano River – the same river that contained the previously mentioned Lost Pendant object – is a waterfall. Again, players will only be able to access this part of the world after acquiring the Surfboard item to be able to travel along the river. Behind the waterfall is a hidden object, just like classic video games.

The item is TC005: Misogi, which allows the player to train their Temtem to use the Misogi technique. Misogi is an extremely valuable support technique that is well worth the extra effort to find the item. When used, it removes all status conditions inflicted on the Temtem using it. This will affect both positive and negative status conditions, so keep that in mind.

5 Easter egg: bothered by the cold

Get ready for the return of a famous earworm song. The Iced Stalactite ability is a physical and aquatic technique that deals damage to a single target while inflicting the Cold condition. There’s nothing particularly special about the technique itself, but the in-game description refers to a famous Disney movie.

This film is Frozen, the smash hit of 2013, which has provided Easter eggs for many games over the years. In Temtem, the first line of Iced Stalactite’s description reads “The cold *bothers* you anyway…”, in reference to the last line of “Let It Go”. Enjoy not being able to think of any other songs for the next few hours.

4 Hidden object: confiscate

When attempting to enter the town of Quetzel on Tucma Island, the player will be arrested and taken to Quetzel Prison as part of the “Shipwreck of Tucma!” quest. They will lose their items and Temtem and will have to get them back by completing various tasks.

At the north end of the prison, hidden in a bucket along the north wall, players can find item TC010: Confiscate, an apt name for a technique found in a prison. Once players have collected their Temtem, they can learn the Confiscation technique, which allows their Temtem to negate the effects of any item equipped by an opposing Temtem.

3 Easter Egg: How to Find Mew

It would be a massive oversight on Temtem’s part for not including a Pokemon easter egg somewhere in the game. Fortunately, they included several, one of which pokes fun at a schoolyard myth that revolved around Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow at the time. When the original Pokemon were in their prime, some players insisted that the legendary Pokemon Mew could be found hiding under a truck in the docks of Vermillion City. It never was, but the myth persisted long after it was definitively proven wrong.

Temtem enshrined this myth in their game. From Brical de Mar, players can use the Surfboard item to navigate the docks until they get to the beach on the other side. There they will meet a character named Believer who insists they saw something under a nearby truck. Players can search the truck, but there will be nothing there. That’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

2 Hidden Object: Relax

By far the hardest hidden object to track down in the game, TC017: Relax can be found after players reach Kakama Cenote, which is only accessible after acquiring the Acid Resistant Surfboard. However, the object is hidden underwater and it may be difficult to find its location.

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Kakama Cenote is a large landmass surrounded by water to the east and west. To find TC017: Relax, players must hop on their surfboard and travel north along West Lake. The northern edge of the lake has a pair of dots that jut out into the water, and TC017: Relax can be found underwater between the tips of these two dots. Relaxation Technique is an invaluable ability that allows any Temtem who learns it to inflict all fighters on the battlefield with the Asleep state, preventing them from attacking until the state wears off or until they take damage.

1 Easter egg: Fry and Leela

This Futurama reference is very easy to miss, yet impossible to ignore once spotted. While battling tamers on Ulterior Omninesia near Anak Volcano, players will encounter a pair of Temtem tamers who bear a striking resemblance to the main characters of Matt Groening’s legendary sci-fi comedy cartoon.

One tamer has blonde hair and wears an unbuttoned red t-shirt, while the other has purple hair and wears a white tank top and black combat boots. In case it wasn’t obvious enough, the girl with purple hair is called “Lila”. The blonde-haired boy is called “Uta,” so do what you want with it, but it’s hard to deny that these two are meant to reference Fry and Leela.

Temtem left Early Access with a full release on September 6, 2022 and is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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