How Does a Credit Check Work?

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One of the crucial financial review methods for clients potentially applying for loans is a credit check. Not only is this process relevant for payday loans, but it is also quite important for other types of financial assistance.

Essentially, it is the in-depth assessment of your financial and personal information that enables lenders to make the right choice. While jail time can be handed down for non-repayment of money owed, no one has an interest in making a difficult loan deal.

This is why financial institutions and lenders perform a credit check for a compliant assessment of repayment capacity. It is related to all payday loans and other loans granted by financial institutions. If you are unfamiliar with the mechanism that the credit check works, Nick Wilson, the founder of AdvanceSOS loan connection service and an expert loan officer, will give you the details.

How is the credit check applied?

If you are applying for a payday loan or an installment loan, the credit check is done by the lender. It’s an ideal way to gain insight into your credit and financial history, personal information, and credit score.

One of the most relevant factors in this area is credit score because it predicts the likelihood of on-time repayment. It is therefore an important element for lenders since it gives details of the person who applied for a loan.

You should be prepared to be contacted by the lender to ask for your permission to access your financial data. Of course, this is the mandatory part of the appraisal and there is no other way to get a loan.

The financial expert will then examine your bank accounts and transactions, your credit card history, and other details.

Information to which the lender has access

First, the lender will access your details and go through your banking transactions. As the credit score consists of many data pointers, the lender will have access to all of its elements.

Therefore, the lender can verify the following information:

  • Bank account details
  • Transactions carried out
  • Checking account details
  • Loans previously contracted
  • Amounts of loans contracted
  • Credit card information

If you don’t have a working bank account, the lender will usually look at your checking account. All data from previously closed accounts and cards will also be visible during the check.

After giving your confirmation to start the process, it may take up to a few days for the lender to verify all the details. On the other hand, it is not that uncommon for the lender to check all available financial information for security purposes.

A credit check is the only way to truly confirm the customer’s ability to return funds on a specific date.

How is credit score determined?

From the moment you apply for a loan through loans, your credit score is assessed by the lender. A wide range of factors can be added to the assessment of a credit score, and these are mostly financial details.

However, even other unrelated aspects can affect the credit score balance. One of the things that is being reviewed is your personal information. If the information is not readily available, the lender may become suspicious.

This is why it is wise to request the electoral inventory because the personal data will then be at your disposal. It is also an excellent method of confirming private data since the electoral library is trustworthy.

Other factors that affect credit score are past transactions and loan amounts. Also, if you apply for many loans at the same time, it negatively affects your credit score.

If you fail to repay your loan, you may face legal action, so a check of your credit score is good for both parties. It gives the lender insight into your reliability, while also confirming that you can really afford the loan.

Credit Check Related to Payday Loans

Without exception, the credit check is mandatory to obtain a personal loan. Those who apply for the loan without proper credit check can be sued. It is therefore also in your best interest to allow the review of your financial data.

Although your credit score must be high to get the loan, payday loans can be granted even if someone has a relatively bad rating. It’s more about reliability than just taking a look at your previous transactions.

AdvanceSOS can help you find the best loan deal that’s perfect for your needs, no matter where you are in Florida, Texas, or California.

In all fairness, your financial information from a few years ago can’t really hurt your chances of getting the loan. If you’ve made the effort to improve your credit score, there’s a good chance you’ll get the loan.

Payday Loan Credit Rating

When it comes to strictly assessing your payday loan credit rating, there are several aspects that a lender will look at. First of all, the lender has to confirm your identity and your personal details. Therefore, you will need to submit a voting list in case your information cannot be confirmed otherwise.

A credit score is not a game-changer when it comes to getting a payday loan. It’s more of an assurance on the loan side that you can repay the borrowed funds.

It is mainly based on providing your data and information on past loans. If your credit score confirms that you can repay the funds on time, your payday loan will be secured. It usually doesn’t take more than a day for the lender to check your credit score.

Some cases have shown that you can expect to get the money instantly as soon as the credit score assessment is complete. Payday loans are, after all, short term loans, which means that lenders have to prove the reliability of their repayment through the credit score.

Amanda Girard’s story. Girard is AdvanceSOS’s top financial writer. She has helped the company grow and extend its reach to its customers for the past three years. She has a Masters in Finance and has been a seasoned writer for over five years.

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