Kijin Gentōshō’s historical fantasy novels have anime in the works – News

Bodyguard Demon Moto’o Nakanishi’s story spans 170 years

Futabasha started releasing a promotional video for the manga adaptation of YÅ« Satomi from Moto’o Nakanishi Kijin Gentōshō series of novels Thursday. The end of the video reveals that the novels inspire an anime adaptation. The announcement did not reveal a format or release date for the anime.

The story of the novels begins in the Edo period in Japan and centers on Jinta, a bodyguard of a priestess in a remote mountain village. While Jinta is an outsider in the village, he is still tasked with searching for a demon in the forest in an effort to defeat it. But upon meeting the demon, he instead tells Jinta about a confusing and mysterious future. The history of the novels spans 170 years, from the Edo period to the Heisei period, with the protagonists traveling through space and time, while searching for meaning in why they wield the blade.

Nakanishi published the first novel in the series, titled “Suihō no Hibi” (Days of Nothing), in June 2019 with art from Tamaki. Nakanishi released the seventh novel, titled “Meiji-hen” (Meiji Arc), on June 16, and will release the eighth novel, titled “Taishō-hen” (Taishō Arc), on October 21. The series has more than 230,000 copies in circulation.

Futabasha released the first volume of the manga adaptation of Satomi on Thursday.

Sources: Futabasha‘s Youtube channel, MoCa News

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