Live news: Zelenskyy free from car accident on return to Kyiv from war-torn eastern Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, suffered no serious injuries after being “examined by doctors” following a car accident on his return to Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, after visiting the regions of the Far East recently liberated from the invading Russian army, its spokesman said.

“In Kyiv, a car collided with the Ukrainian president’s car and escort vehicles,” Serhiy Nykyforov, Zelenskyy’s press secretary, said in a statement on Facebook in the early hours of Thursday.

“The doctors accompanying the head of state provided emergency assistance to the driver of the car and transferred him to an ambulance. The president was examined by a doctor. No serious injuries were found,” Nykyforov said, adding that “law enforcement will find out all the circumstances of the accident.”

The incident came after Zelenskyy traveled to the strategic town of Izyum on Wednesday, liberated by his army last week in a lightning counterattack that saw Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces flee the battlefield in the northeastern regions of Ukraine.

In his daily video address to the nation, delayed for several hours due to the accident, Zelenskyy said: “I came back from the Kharkiv region – from our Kharkiv region…Today almost the whole region is unoccupied.”

Zelenskyy added that “the Ukrainians have once again succeeded in doing what many thought was impossible” by liberating more than 4,000 km2 of territory in the northeast of the country from the Russian army.

Highlighting other alleged war crimes committed by Russian forces in the eastern regions of Ukraine, Zelenskyy said: “The world must see this destruction, must feel the pain that Russia has inflicted on Ukrainians.”

The President added: “What the world saw in Bucha, what we saw in the deoccupied territory of the Chernihiv region, the Sumy region, and what you and I are seeing now in the Kharkiv region are evidence of genocide against Ukrainians. Proof that Russia can bring nothing but genocide.

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