Magneto’s Secret Psychic Powers Make Him Stronger Than Fans Think

Magneto is known as the omega-level master of magnetism, he also has secret psychic abilities that make him even stronger than X-Men fans thought.

After years of committing some of the most devastating acts of wickedness, Magneto turned out to be truly the master of magnetism given the parameters of his extremely powerful mutant ability – although many x-men fans may not know that Magneto also has secret psychic powers that make him even stronger than previously thought.

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, or Max Eisenhardt, is an omega-level mutant who has the power to control metal and manipulate any form of magnetism in multiple ways, including the power to create electromagnetic force fields and create blasts of magnetic rays. Erik became the mutant villain Magneto after concluding that humans and mutants could never co-exist peacefully, unleashing a number of preemptive attacks on humanity. While Magneto may be on the side of heroism, peace and diplomacy in the mainstream x-men continuity, his early days were filled with plots to destroy the X-Men and bring humanity to their knees, and he used every power in his arsenal to achieve this sinister goal.


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In x-men #6 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Magneto decided to grow his Brotherhood of Bad Mutants by recruiting some much-needed brawn to the team. In this issue, Magneto attempts to convince Namor the Submariner to join his crew by traveling to Atlantis and speaking with Namor in person – well, sort of. For the first time, Magneto uses his astral projection powers to separate his consciousness from his physical form to travel to the underwater realm without fear of drowning or being attacked by Atlanteans. While projecting his astral form at will is an example of a significant psychic ability, Magneto steps it up by later revealing he has the power to infiltrate someone’s mind. In x-men #7, Magneto tries to recruit the Blob to join the Brotherhood, and upon meeting him, Magneto probes the Blob’s brain, apparently with his own telepathic power.

Magneto secretly has psychic powers.

Magneto showing signs of telepathic and psychic abilities is truly shocking to those who previously believed his powers were purely based on controlling metal and manipulating magnetism – which makes sense since Magneto’s secret psychic abilities like astral projection have almost been forgotten. These two x-men the issues were among the earliest ever published, long before x-men became one of the most popular franchises in history. At that time, these characters were still being fleshed out and developed, and since Magneto’s mental toughness was described as being second only to Professor X, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby apparently decided to run with this idea. and to make Magneto’s powers more closely match Professor X’s. Over time, however, Magneto became purely the master of magnetism with his psychic powers rarely explored again.

While it seems unlikely that these long-forgotten powers will ever return, Magneto would be an absolute powerhouse if they ever did. Magneto is already an omega-level mutant due to his mastery of magnetism on a planetary scale, but if he also trained his mind to enter the psyches of others at will and practiced astral projection enough to release his astral form and travel the globe in an instant, then Magneto could potentially wipe out the human race single-handedly. MagnetoThe secret psychic powers of make him stronger than x-men fans realize, and if he took the time to master them, he would be absolutely unstoppable.

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