March 7, 2022 ‹ Literary crossroads

  • “For the first time, I finally get movie roles where my character’s name is Korean.” Sandra Oh on her trip through Hollywood. | Illuminated Hub Cinema and television

  • What kind of first draft should you write? Whatever type you can, says Matt Bell. | Illuminated Hub Arts and crafts

  • “To have lost her was to have lost a world I longed to visit.” Amal El-Mohtar on Ursula K. Le Guin both too late and at exactly the right time. | Illuminated Hub

  • Dieter Buchhart considers the growing importance of The postmodern art of Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. | Illuminated Hub Art

  • Take it from the experts: independent booksellers recommend the best of independent presses this February and March. | Illuminated Hub Playlists

  • Ladette Randolph on find thorns, comfort and abundant wisdom in the works of Willa Cather. | Illuminated Hub Critical

  • Oliver Bullough chooses books that help us better understand the Russian invasion of Ukraine. | The Guardian

  • Idaho lawmakers are considering allowing prosecutors to criminally indict librarians for lending certain books to minors. | Boise State Public Radio

  • Andrew Frisardi talks about translating poetry from another era, working on Dante, and the influence of philosophy on his work. | LARB

  • Nina Li Coomes explores how drive my car pushes the limits of language with its use of sound and the absence of sound. | Atlantic

  • Keith Gessen and veteran journalist Leonid Shvets discuss the political situation in Ukraine, the context of the current conflict and Shvets’ hopes for the immediate future. | n+1

  • At the synergy between video games and novels. | JSTOR Daily

  • “They looked like a cleaner picture at best where you could buy Ron Chernow and Brad Thor books.” Alex Shephard writes an obituary for Amazon’s terrible bookstores. | The New Republic

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