Mein Kampf: Hitler’s bestseller on hate

96 years ago July 18 1925, volume 1 of a book was published which sold less than 9,500 copies in the first year of its publication; volume 2 came out 2 years later, in 1927. The book, written in German, was a philosophical memoir and despite its initial lack of popularity, within 20 years it became a huge bestseller. By 1945, when its author died, the book had already been translated into more than a dozen languages, including Braille, and had sold over 12 million copies in Germany. There was a time when it was the number one wedding gift for couples getting married in Nazi Germany.

In English, the translation of the title of the book would read “My Struggle” but Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler is still published and sold, in English as well as other languages, such as Mein Kampf, displaying its author’s photograph and the Nazi swastika in full view. More than 75 years after the end of World War II, the book remains a gruesome reminder of the mistaken and torturous political sense of its writer Adolf Hitler and the legacy of evil he left behind.

In the original version, volume 1 of Mein Kampf was over 400 pages captioned “The Settlement” was a tirade about the problems facing Germany. It was about the enemy – the French and the lack of Lebensraum or living space thus how Germany needed to expand east into Russia. The book also dealt with what its author called the sinister influence of the “mixed race” races on the upper German race. Volume 2 presented the blueprint for what would become the National Socialist Movement (NAZI) and laid out the political agenda on how to get there. on coming to power and the creation of a new Germany.

At the end of World War II and Hitler’s death, the copyright in Mein Kampf was transmitted to the Bavarian government which it held until December 31, 2015. In accordance with German law, copyright in a book expires 70 years after that of its author, therefore from January 1, 2016, Hitler’s book can be published by anyone, anywhere. In 2017 in its first German publication, since the fall of Hitler, Mein Kampf once again became a bestseller in Germany, selling 85,000 copies in the first year and surprising its publisher. This despite the fact that Mein Kampf is not only poorly written, it is also repetitive and illogical. (The first edition in German would also have had many grammatical errors)

the Mein Kampf, although arguably one of the most poorly written memoirs ever sold by the millions, had never been out of print. Even though the Bavarian government blocked publication in Germany, it was unable to prevent the book from being printed in several countries around the world, including India, Russia, Turkey, the United Kingdom. and the United States. The US government reportedly bought the US copyright for Mein Kampf during World War II under the provisions of the Enemy Trade Act and later in 1979 he sold it to Houghton Mifflin publishers. The US government reportedly collected around $ 140,000 in royalties which were then distributed as aid to American soldiers who had been prisoners of war in Nazi Germany.

Mein Kampf which details Hitler’s myopic and hateful plan of racial supremacy and Nazi political thought is also available in English from digital archives as Project Gutenberg Australia and

In India, under the British Raj, Mein Kampf appears to have been available soon after its first publication in German in 1925. Since then and after independence, Hitler’s book has been published not only in English but in Indian language versions such as Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil and Bengali. Many Indian publishers published the book at great profit. Internet research reveals that publishers like Jaico, Book Mark, Finger Print, Adarsh, Prakash and Om Books, among others, have published or are still publishing. Mein Kampf in India.

It is estimated that millions of copies have been sold and the book is available and advertised on major e-commerce websites. This is despite the fact that in early 2020, after years of pressure from Jewish groups, there were reports in international media that Amazon, for its part, announced that it would no longer sell. Mein Kampf, one of his best-selling book titles. But on July 18, 2021, the anniversary of his first publication in 1925, this writer found on Amazon India a Bengali print version proposed as well as a Kindle version in English.

Since 2016 after the lifting of copyright, there have been some scholarly editions of Mein Kampf, in different languages, including German, French and even Hebrew, in which historians and scholars have added relevant research, footnotes and critical annotations to give readers additional information essential to understand the true nature of Mein Kampf highlighting Hitler’s lies and omissions.

While this academic work is expensive and has a small readership, Hitler’s original work, approaching a century since first publication; despite its obvious link to WWII bloodletting; despite its lack of literary and intellectual merit, it continues to appeal to dissatisfied elements around the world. The Hitler Hate Book paradoxically continues to encourage people to believe in the racial superiority fallacy as it first did in Germany so many decades ago with such devastating results.

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