Mumbai: Man Fooled For Rs 2.5 Lakh In Online ‘KYC Update’ Fraud | Bombay News


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Mumbai: An employee of a pharmaceutical company was recently duped for Rs 2.5 lakh by a cyber fraud who impersonated a manager of a mobile service provider and tricked him into transferring the silver. The executive then approached the Bandra police station and lodged a complaint.
The 58-year-old complainant said he received a text message asking him to call his mobile operator and urgently update his KYC documents. The text message had a number. Unsuspectingly, the complainant dialed this number. A man answered and introduced himself as an employee of the mobile service provider. He asked the complainant for his debit card and bank details as part of the “KYC procedure”. The complainant shared the same thing.
Within minutes, an amount of Rs 2.5 lakh was deducted from the complainant’s bank account in a series of nine transactions. He then realized that he had been duped and turned to the Bandra police.
In another case, an author trying to sell his used furniture online was duped for Rs 40,000 by a cyber fraud masquerading as a potential client. An FIR was registered by Goregaon Police on December 21.
The 30-year-old complainant made an ad to sell his used bed and wardrobe. He received a call from a potential buyer expressing interest in purchasing his furniture.
The fraudster sent him a QR code which the author scanned. As soon as he did this, a sum of Rs 10,000 was debited from the author’s bank account.



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