New Coral Island game details reveal why it’s perfect for ACNH fans

The highly anticipated farming simulation game Coral Island has received new details that further underscore its appeal to Animal Crossing fans.

Upcoming farming and life simulation game Coral Island looks perfect for fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. First announced in 2021, Coral Island includes many features of classic farming games and expands on many of these elements to bring its own unique twist to the genre. While no firm release date has been set for the game, more in-game details continue to be shared by developer Stairway Games, further underscoring its appeal to simulation game fans.

Coral Island started on Kickstarter and reached its initial funding goal in just 36 hours. Once this goal was achieved, the developers continued to add stretch goals that would add more features to the game, such as a Merfolk underwater village and the ability to travel to other islands. During a recent showcase, Humble Games announced that it would be taking on the role of publisher for the game, providing funding that will allow the game to grow even further. A little like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Coral Island takes place on a remote island full of interesting creatures and characters. Players can make friends with neighbors, and some characters can even be romanced, like the marriage system of Stardew Valley. Players can customize their house and character, catch bugs and fish, plant crops and fruit trees, clean up the island, and much more that will feel familiar to them. animal crossing Fans.


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A new developer update posted on the Stairway Games website has given more details about the upcoming game, previewing several features. A unique feature of the game will be weekly TV shows, reminding animal crossingEaster eggs from television, but still developed. Two shows aired in the message: Mooqbang, where a cow tries different foods on air, and Game of Cones, a cooking competition show, both of which will have weekly episodes. The post revealed that players’ clothing and customization options will be quite extensive, showcasing many of the clothing items, accessories, and facial hair that will be available, and teasing more to come. All clothing and hair options will be available for all body types. The island’s reef trash cleaning mechanism has been finalized, with the developers opting for a vacuum-like system called Vaquatic. A new Alpha build of the game will be available to Kickstarter backers starting May 9 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Coral Island Cone Game Show.

It seems that almost all the details revealed on Coral Island makes the game even more attractive for fans of the farming and life simulation genre. Some elements develop what players like New Horizonslike the immense 75 varieties of crops compared to animal crossing‘s six options. Beloved features like creature capture and design opportunities, combined with unique new aspects like underwater exploration, mining, and an engaging art style make this game perfect for fans of the genre to check out. something new while retaining what drew them to the genre in the first place.

We still don’t know when Coral Island will be released – with the game currently receiving Alpha updates, progress is clearly being made, albeit slowly. Numerous New Horizons fans have been playing the game for over 2 years and have started feeling exhausted and wanting to experience something new, and Coral Island could easily do the trick. No action for Animal Crossing: New Horizons likely to happen soon, Coral Island will be the perfect substitute for many players.

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