Omeo Wreck: things to do, parking, cafes, facilities and more

A helpful guide to everything you need to know about Perth’s most popular dive site, Omeo Wreck at Coogee.

Pack your favorite flippers and umbrella and dive into one of WA’s most unique attractions this summer.

Located approximately 25m from the shore of Coogee Beach, Omeo Wreck is an award-winning archaeological treasure in the heart of the Coogee Maritime Trail.

Comprised of breathtaking artificial reefs, an underwater gallery, and privileged access to marine life, this family-friendly underwater exhibit is the ultimate paradise for snorkelers and snorkelers.

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The famous shipwreck came adrift from the port of Fremantle in 1905 after a series of fatal collisions and got stuck on the shore of Coogee Beach where it continues to gradually crumble.

So without further ado, here is everything you need to know about Omeo Wreck to plan your next visit.

About the sinking

Omeo Wreck is a federally protected iron steamer built in Newcastle, England in 1858 which played an important role in Australia’s international and intercolonial trade for many years.

It was used by the Overland Telegraph to link Australia to Britain via Singapore, then carried passengers and freight between Adelaide, Melbourne and New Zealand.

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After a series of fatal collisions with the Swan Spit lighthouse in 1881 and a steamer in Sydney Harbour, the dilapidated vessel was converted into a coal hulk.

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The abandoned hulk came adrift from Fremantle Harbor in 1905 and washed up on the shore of Coogee Beach, much to the delight of shipwreck enthusiasts and Perth locals alike.

What to do

Bring a snorkel or a buddy and explore WA’s one-of-a-kind archaeological and maritime trail, while immersing yourself in the crystal clear waters and white sand shores of Northern Coogee.

The underwater exhibit is submerged in 2-7 meters of water and continues 200m west along the south breakwater.

Omeo Wreck - Marine life diving
Source: @louisaliland_photography

Its stunning underwater gallery features more than 50 art installations, including the giant starfish Stella Maris, sea ​​lion sculpture, old railway wheel and anchor, fish trap, replica Dutch cannon, etc.

The artificial reefs contain cave-like spaces where you can spot an abundance of aquatic life like cuttlefish, crayfish, molluscs, starfish, octopus and crabs.

If you are lucky, you may see a passing seal or dolphin.

While you’re there, don’t forget to read the educational plaques and learn about the maritime history of Omeo Wreck and WA.

Watch: Little Busy at Omeo Wreck

What you should not do

Although Coogee Beach is generally well protected, here are some safety guidelines issued by the Town of Cockburn to ensure the safety of swimmers, marine life and the shipwreck itself.

For one thing, fishing or boating in the area is strictly prohibited. Avoid standing or climbing on any of the trail features and do not take any part of the wreckage.

Coral cuts are extremely painful and exceptionally difficult to clean, so avoid touching the reef or wreckage with your bare hands. Better yet, bring a pair of scuba diving gloves for added safety.

Finally, keep an eye out for other snorkelers and snorkelers circling the trail during peak times.

Location and parking

The Coogee Maritime Trail is easily accessible via Socrates Parade in North Coogee.

Simply follow the stairs leading from Socrates Parade to the ocean and swim towards the stern and protruding ship’s bow triangle.

Another entry point is available via the beach access road from Perlinte View in North Coogee, just 350m from Omeo Wreck.

Omeo Wreck: things to do, parking, cafes, facilities and more
Source: @michaelportphoto – Omeo Wreck Dive Trail

Fortunately for visitors, free parking is available in a number of areas including Chieftain Esplanade, Socrates Parade, Lucretia Edwards Shoreline Park and surrounding streets.

Since finding an empty bay can get fierce during holidays and weekends, we highly recommend arriving early around 6 or 7 a.m. to get a head start.

Facilities and Services

There are many quality public services and facilities close to the Omeo wreck within walking and driving distance.

The Coogee Beach public restrooms are just a three-minute drive from Socrates Parade and include outdoor showers and changing rooms.

Public toilets are also available at the Port Coogee Village shopping center on Marine Parade, located just 100m from the Marine Trail.

This small shopping complex has everything you need including a Woolies, local chemist, news agency and other delicious restaurants like Kim’s Fish and Chips.

The land trail also offers covered picnic tables and lawns where you can soak up the sun and take in spectacular views of Perth’s sunset or, if you’re an early riser, the calm waters of Perth. sunrise in Perth.

Cafes and restaurants

If you’re craving a snack or are in desperate need of a caffeine boost, there are several cafes and restaurants near Omeo Wreck to satisfy your empty stomach.

beach cafe is a lovely family run cafe located on Perlinte View, just a three minute drive from the Coogee Maritime Trail.

Open from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily, their homemade Belgian waffles, French toast, mushroom feta and spinach omelette are the talk of the town.

Be sure to also pay a visit to grind the reaper, a dog-friendly cafe known for its amazing Jaffles and delicious coffees and milkshakes.

Open from 5:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. weekdays, this local treasure offers indoor and outdoor seating, spectacular marina views, and extra room for your beloved dog.

Omeo Wreck - Where to eat.  -Mower
Source: @thegrindreaper1 – A delicious New York breakfast bagel

Featured Image: Instagram @jr_aerial_imagery

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