Pain and prejudice is what the show should be based on

Penguin: Pain & Prejudice explored the rookie villain’s childhood and his grip on criminal power, and it could serve as the basis for the TV series.

Arising from the events of The Batmanthe next penguin The TV series will likely trace the rise of the con artist after Falcone’s death. Although he played an important role in the film, it is somewhat odd to base a show on the villain. After all, unlike foes such as The Joker, Penguin hasn’t gotten as much attention or as many origin stories, but there is one origin in the comics that could have a big impact on the series. . Penguin: pain and prejudice showed Gotham’s villain’s machinations in the city’s underworld, while also giving him a surprising romance. If adapted, it could also lead to similarities to another ever-loved comic book crime series.

What is the penguin: pain and prejudice?

Pain and prejudice from penguins

Released in 2011, Penguin: pain and prejudice was a miniseries by novelist Gregg Hurwitz and artist Szymon Kudranski. The story is based on The Penguin maintaining his power in the seedy world of Gotham City, commanding immense respect from the most depraved individuals who secretly rule it. His empire is constantly threatened by both the incompetence of others and the presence of Batman, with The Penguin, aka Oswald Cobblepot, feeling alone and utterly despised by the world. Here, the villain’s coldest hotspot, the Iceberg Lounge nightclub, is much more a den of seedy thieves than an actual tourist attraction, and it looks just like how it’s portrayed in the events of The Batman.

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Along the way, Cobblepot strikes up a surprising romance with a blind woman named Cassandra, who is in tune with a hidden “beauty” he doesn’t even see in himself. Meanwhile, The Penguin has flashbacks to his childhood, remembering his mother’s love and how cruel and cold everyone was to him. This shows how, even at an early age, the avian beginner would be on a path of violence from which he would never escape.

How pain and prejudice might influence the Penguin TV show?

The Penguin The Batman

The tone of the sadly neglected story is quite similar to that of Matt Reeves The Batman. Outside of the Joker’s humorous appearances, as well as the menace of Batman himself, there are no “weird” or “cartoonish” elements, making it easy to transplant to the screen for the established scope of this universe.

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The Penguin’s sense of dread and desire to retain power will likely be explored in the plot of the next show, and those feelings are expressed very strongly in pain and prejudice. This could reinforce the already present feeling of apprehension and dread The Batmanmaking the series a kind of neo-noir psychological horror.

If the events of pain and prejudice involving Oswald’s childhood are suitable, this will especially be the case. His romance with Cassandra is also a lot like that between Kingpin and Vanessa on the TV show Daredevil, and any potential similarity to that beloved series could only help.

It also helps that this is one of the few times the penguin’s origin has been thoroughly examined.. The Clown Prince of Crime has had tons of origins, although its premise is that no one knows its origin. On the other hand, Le Pingouin has been relatively neglected in this department. Given that pain and prejudice is such a great story, what better place to look for inspiration for your TV show?

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