Palomar to adapt best-selling “Fresh Water for Flowers” in TV series

Palomar, the main Italian production company which is part of the Mediawan group, has opted for the rights to adapt “Fresh water for flowers”, the best-selling novel by French author Valérie Perrin. Palomar will be directing an international television series based on the book.

Founded by Carlo Degli Esposti in the 1980s, Rome-based Palomar is one of Italy’s oldest production banners and has produced some of the country’s best films and series over the years, including “The Life Ahead Oscar nominee Edoardo Ponti who won the Silver Bear in Berlin in 2019, as well as the series “Inspector Montalbano” and “The Name of the Rose” with John Turturro and Rupert Everett.

“Fresh water for flowers”, a worldwide literary success translated into 28 languages ​​and sold over 1.5 million copies in France and Italy, has won several awards, including the Maison de la Presse award. .

The book revolves around Violette Toussaint, the beautiful, joyful and big-hearted guardian of a cemetery in a small town of Borgogna, France. One day, a police officer arrives from Marseille with an unusual request: his
mother, who recently passed away, had mentioned that she wanted to be buried in this distant city and her ashes scattered over the grave of an unknown local man. From that moment, things take an unexpected turn, and links between the living and the dead are discovered.

Perrin said she decided to sell the rights to “Freshwater for Flowers” to Palomar and Carlo Degli Esposti because “he’s Italian and because I knew he was really in love with Violette Trenet, Toussaint by Alliance”.

“These are the two reasons for my choice: Italy and love. And often good reasons lead to the best adaptations. We owe the best to Violette and I am sure this project will be magnificent and up to the book, ”added Perrin.

The author also suggested that she would be involved in the adaptation. “I will never completely let go of this character’s hand and I will never be very far from her.”

Esposti, meanwhile, said Palomar “immediately recognized all the elements that can turn a great book into a great adaptation”

“Working with an author like Valérie is a great pleasure and a great challenge. Her Violette is an extraordinary female character, something that we have been looking for at Palomar for a long time, ”said Esposti.

Elisabeth d’Arvieu, Managing Director of Mediawan Pictures, said that “the universal and timeless story of” Fresh Water for Flowers “, the depth of its characters, has won over millions of readers around the world, and its adaptation was obvious “.

“It is in our DNA to support talented authors and promote them internationally,” added d’Arvieu.

Palomar’s list of prestigious international series also includes “Gaddafi”, created by Roberto Saviano.

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