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GB News’ Mark Dolan blasted Prince Harry’s “hot air” after the Duke of Sussex brought his millionaire friend’s private jet home just months after he lectured the world about climate change. During a dazzling on-air teardown, Mr Dolan told viewers: “It’s almost like this couple is saying one thing and doing another.” Harry took a two-hour private jet flight from Aspen, Colo., To his Santa Barbara, Calif., Home this week, according to the Mail.

It is believed that the flight “could have emitted up to 10 tonnes of CO2” into the atmosphere.

Mr Dolan said: “I thought the Hollywood wing of the royal family really cared about global warming?

“But Harry landed in Santa Barbara after taking home the private jet of his millionaire friends – just months after lecturing us on climate change.

“The campaign royal boarded the 20-seat, £ 45million plane from a polo match in Aspen, Colo. To his home in Santa Barbara, Calif.”

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He joked, “I suspect the horse he was riding on emits as much hot air as he does.”

The jet is believed to be owned by one of Harry’s polo friends, Marc Ganzi.

He had gone to Aspen to participate in a charity polo match.

It was her first public appearance since the birth of her daughter Lilibet Diana on June 4.

Harry had already spoken out against climate change, telling Oprah Winfrey on Apple TV earlier this year that it was one of the “most pressing issues we face”.

He said: “With kids growing up in the world today, it’s pretty depressing, isn’t it, depending on where you live your home country is either on fire, either under water, houses or forests are being razed. “

It comes as Harry’s father Prince Charles has made yet another powerful intervention on the climate change catastrophe.

Charles again urged business leaders to join world leaders in the battle to avoid “climate catastrophe”.

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