Restore three abandoned texts, say English teachers at Delhi University

They oppose the university’s statement on the revised English curriculum.

English teachers at several Delhi University (DU) colleges objected to a statement issued by the university administration on the revised English curriculum where some texts were dropped. A press release, endorsed by more than 100 professors, demanded the reinstatement of the three texts which were abandoned.

The university had recently removed from the program texts by Mahasweta Devi, Bama and Sukirtharini.

In the statement, the professors said the English honors curriculum had been adopted through a democratic process “until the whole process was blatantly violated and circumvented by the oversight committee.” [OC]. ”

“Due to CO interference, at the start of almost every semester since July 2019, there is no formal curriculum available to students and teachers, costing us precious time and mental resources. Last month, the OC put an end to all democratic deliberations and due process that we had ensured that our program was respected, ”the statement read.

Following criticism, the university had previously issued a statement that the current curriculum was “inclusive and diverse.”

Responding to the university’s position, the statement endorsed by professors in the English department of various colleges read: “It is rather shocking that the University of Delhi is making a statement in which it says that diversity and inclusion can be done regardless of religion, caste and creed when by definition diversity and inclusion mean including diverse voices.

Referring to the university’s statement on the “language course”, the professors stated that the English literature department and its research and specializations belonged to the “field of literary studies” and were “not a language course. language teaching “.

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