Road to Perdition’s Max Allan Collins reveals upcoming novel


Novelist and screenwriter Max Allan Collins has unveiled his next project. The author of Road to Perdition (the basis of the 2002 film) will return with Fancy Anders Goes to War, a World War II mystery with a very famous murder victim at its center.

Fancy Anders Goes to War features the titular investigator struggling to solve the murder of propaganda icon Rosie the Riveter, a mission that takes on new urgency when President Franklin D. Roosevelt is assassinated. This news also features illustrations by James Bond artist Fay Dalton.

Here is the official description of the new book:

Fall 1942. When his Hollywood private investigator father is called back to uniform, Fancy Anders receives his own orders: answer the phone, make referrals and keep the place dusted. But the 24-year-old Barnard graduate, whose hobbies include shooting, flying and jujitsu, does not.

At Amalgamated Aircraft, a young worker chosen to pose for photos and patriotic posters encountered a suspicious “accidental death”. Fancy takes the victim’s place on the swing, fitting in well with colleagues who are not from high society circles. With the occasional reluctant help from LAPD homicide cop Rick Hinder, Fancy puts a hammer on a saboteur’s head, scents an enemy inside, and tries to prevent an assassination attempt on President Roosevelt , who was to visit the factory and greet the women. who work long, hard hours for the war effort.

“In the years of working with artists in novels and comics, few people compete with Fay for his artistry and steadfast attention to text,” Collins said in a statement. Plus, she could easily play Fancy Anders in a movie, as long as she can hold back her pesky British accent. “

Fancy Anders Goes to War will be released digitally on Tuesday, October 5. No printout has yet been confirmed. The book is the first of three collaborations between Collins and Dalton.

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