Rocket-like 345-foot hybrid superyacht concept is billionaire adventurer’s fantasy

Picture this: you are a passionate explorer in the prime of your life, eager to study the depths of the oceans, save the planet, and discover some of the wildest places on Earth. When traveling aboard your superyacht, you want to feel at home, surrounded by the most comfortable and luxurious amenities. But, once you arrive at a faraway destination, you are ready for some adrenaline pumping experiences. This is the concept behind Esquel.

The recent Cannes and Monaco boat shows have proven that there is a growing interest in environmentally friendly yachts, as well as those that are more suited to exploring the world rather than just leisure vacations. Oceanco, the Dutch brand known for its exceptional superyacht designs, is always ahead of the trends. The diesel-electric Esquel expedition yacht launched in 2019 at the Dubai International Boat Show and continues to be one of the most fascinating concepts of its kind.

Esquel’s striking and daring appearance is due to Timur Bozca, an award-winning designer based in London and Antalya, who took inspiration from a spaceship when he created the Explorer Oceanco. A rocket that does not fly but descends from the sky to gain the upper hand over the water.

On the one hand, Esquel was intended to sail anywhere from the North Pole to the South Pole, which is why it was built with a reinforced hull, a polar classification and a “state of the art“Diesel-electric propulsion system. Lateral Naval Architects and Engineering has combined 80% conventional and proven technologies with 20% emerging technologies for a truly innovative yacht in terms of durability and efficiency.

Self-sufficient and tough, this majestic expedition yacht is like a rocket on water, with a top speed of 16.5 knots (nearly 19 mph) and a range of 7,000 nautical miles.

On the other hand, the science-fiction-like exterior reveals a warm and inviting interior, imagined by London stylist Gina Brennan. On the outside, Esquel is an otherworldly spaceship, but inside it’s the home of a young explorer who has collected various artifacts and antiques throughout his travels.

The foyer creates a cozy atmosphere, while the enclosed swimming pool and wellness area with breathtaking panoramic views invite the young explorer to indulge, even when traveling to some of the most remote and wild places on Earth. The generous 200 square meter (2,153 square feet) main deck is balanced by the aft deck superstructure.

The multi-purpose layout can include more entertainment areas or multi-purpose booths, such as offices, study rooms, first-response units – depending on the owner’s ultimate goal. Esquel can be an ultra-chic party superyacht, or it can be a futuristic science platform, with onboard labs or even coral reef farms, to help save the nearly extinct reefs.

Whether it’s focusing more on a science lab or a lavish expedition superyacht, one thing is for sure: Esquel is an adventurer’s fantasy come true once he reaches his favorite destination. What could be better than going on an off-road adventure? The answer is: travel on a superyacht anywhere in the world and go off-roading some of the wildest places anyone has ever visited.

There is enough room on this yacht for an all-terrain vehicle and motorcycles, in addition to the obligatory helicopter, as well as two submarines for underwater exploration. This is because Esquel was developed in collaboration with exploration expert Pelorus.

If the “land toys”Is not enough, this superyacht is also built with a giant 230 square meter (2,475 square foot) annex garage for all the water toys you can think of. So whether you want to fly, ride, drive or float, Esquel is designed for maximum adventure potential.

Oceanco reminds us that 80% of yacht activity takes place in only 20% of the world’s oceans. Not to mention that the vast universe beneath these oceans is still largely unknown. It’s time to go deeper, experience more, and help our planet at the same time, and Esquel seems like the perfect yacht for it.

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