Rust Update lets you fish, hunt sharks, and command a submarine


An all-new underwater update for the Rust Survival Sandbox title lets players explore underwater labs, battle sharks, and fish in peace.

A nautical themed update for Rust will allow players to meet marine animals and travel underwater in a yellow submarine. The multiplayer survival game, developed by Facepunch Studios, was released as an Early Access title in 2013. Since its full release in 2018, Rust has been continually updated by Facepunch with new weapons, vehicles, and locations.

Rust continues to receive updates that help improve and expand the Multiplayer Survival title. A recent update in June added a contact and reputation system to Rust, allowing players to track their relationships with other player-controlled survivors. A brand new tab has been added to the in-game menu that tracks all other users the player has had an encounter with. Those who kill the player are automatically marked as enemies, making it easier for survivors to follow those they need to avoid or attack on sight. During this time, other users may also be marked as “friendly” if they have been peaceful, or even helpful, to the player. A previous update in February 2021 also added several quality of life features to Rust such as software game mode and automated delivery drones for the market.

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A brand new update for Rust, the underwater update, was revealed by Facepunch Studios. The survival game has received all new features that will allow players to explore the oceans of the world. Underwater Labs will act as procedurally generated dungeons that players can access by purchasing a Sub in a Fishing Village. Players can also explore new dive sites, where they can defeat powerful enemy sharks to earn quality rewards. The newly added underwater rifle is very effective underwater, giving players a chance to fight beasts. Those who prefer to stay out of the water can now also participate in a fishing activity to collect tasty nautical pieces. Rust‘S Underwater Update will launch on August 6.

Watch Facepunch Studios’ Underwater Rust update here.

While Rust Released on PC over seven years ago, the survival game has just arrived on home consoles. Opinion on Rust Console Edition were mixed, garnering praise for the title’s immersive nature and performance, but reviews for its clunky gameplay and controls. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Rust maintains a stable frame rate and great graphics, but semi-frequent bugs often spoil the experience.

RustS new submarine update seeks to add an impressive amount of content to an already vast survival game. Exploring underwater labs, battling giant sharks, and fishing on the dock are sure to keep the game’s player base busy for quite some time. While players have always struggled to last on the rocky shores of Rust, even more adventure now awaits those who dare to embrace the depths below.

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Rust is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Facepunch Studios, Facepunch Studios / YouTube

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