Shahid Anwar will stay alive through his creations: the poets

Poet Shahid Anwar

Poet Shahid Anwar died at around 10 p.m. on Tuesday while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Chattogram. He was 61 years old.

Poet Sajidul Hoque said poet Shahid Anwar was admitted to Max Hospital on Mehedibag Road in Chattogram after suffering cardiac arrest two days ago.

Shahid Anwar is survived by his widow and two sons.

“His namaz-e-janaza took place after Asr’s prayer on Wednesday. After that, he was buried in a cemetery in Bandar Thana, ”Salina Shelly, widow of Shahid Anwar, told New Age.

Shahid Anwar was born on September 9, 1960 in Chattogram. He studied English Literature at Chittagong University.

He began to write poems from an early age. His collections of poems include Kukre Achhi Monotonous Gorbhe, Shurikhana Nurir Modhye, Darao Amar Khoti, Baidehi Ek Oshtho Pore, Shahid Anwarer Shreshtha Kabita.

Peers and admirers have expressed their deep shock at the death of poet Shahid Anwar and said he will stay alive through his creations.

Poet Sajidul Hoque said: “Poet Shahid Anwar has carved out a place for himself in Bengali literature. We used to read poets like Jibanananda and Shamsur Rahman. Later, we explored the poems of Abul Hasan and Nirmalendu Goon. But, when we came across the poet Shahid Anwar, we could only delve into his works.

‘Shahid Anwar portrayed philosophical ideas as well as mysteries of birth and death in his poems. He wrote exceptional poems in the eighties. We knew he had been in pain for a long time. I am deeply saddened by his death. He will stay alive through his creations, ”added Sajidul Hoque.

Poet and essayist Tushar Das said: “If we are talking about the poets from Chattogram, we absolutely have to mention the name of Shahid Anwar and to some extent he is the best. He always greeted people with a smile. When I was a student at Dhaka University and studying at Chattogram College, we used to keep in touch through our writings, ”Tushar Das said, adding,“ We ​​got together to discuss literature. . He was deeply involved in leftist politics and led a life to his liking. He and his wife Salina Shelly made an immense contribution to the literary movement of Chattogram. Although he’s gone, his poems will keep him alive in the hearts of readers. I was deeply saddened by his death.

“The poet Shahid Anwar was 5 years older than me. I first met him in 1988 at a literary gathering held in Achira Pathachakra. He was a person who liked to dream. It was probably the poet Hossain Kabir who told me at the rally that Shahid Anwar is the poet of the collection of poems named Kukre Achhi Monotonous Gorbhe. Later, we would meet and chat regularly at the Kathakali library. He listened to everyone in silence and always greeted everyone with a smile, ”poet Zillur Rahman said, adding:“ Shahid Anwar was a politically conscious person. He believed in communism and was involved in leftist politics. He participated in all the processions and meetings against the military regime led by Ershad. He was involved with the Students ‘Union and the Communist Party of Bangladesh.’

‘Shahid Anwar married our poet friend Salina Shelly. Selina Shelly was also Anwar Shahid’s companion in politics and poetry. I also learned about her illness from Salina Shelly. She deserves our respect for spending years caring for the sick poet Shahid Anwar, ”Zillur Rahman said and recalled:“ He always read my works and provided me with constructive criticism and pointed out my mistakes. I was deeply saddened by his death. His works will communicate his thoughts to future generations.

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