Sino-Dominican superhero joins ‘La Borinqueña’ graphic novels

The universe of superheroes is becoming more diverse than ever, and award-winning graphic novelist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is at the center of the new adventure. As always, he brings more Latinx representation to the pages of his comics.

Miranda-Rodriguez is the creator of La Borinqueña, an original superhero character who made her comic book debut in late 2016. She was created in direct response to the struggles Puerto Ricans faced after the devastation left by Hurricane Maria and the lack of government support.

Now Miranda-Rodriguez is releasing the long-awaited third issue of the independently released graphic novel series La Borinqueña # 3. It introduces readers to a new team of superheroes known as the Nitainos, and a new Sino-Dominican character, Luz.

“After five years of writing and producing the graphic novel series La Borinqueña, I’m very happy to provide fans with a solid conclusion to my story, ”Miranda-Rodriguez said in a statement. “My hope is that this new graphic novel not only rewards their patience, but inspires them to share our stories with others. In an era that challenges systemic racism and celebrates the narratives around BIPOC, I celebrate love and diversity with our Afro-Puerto Rican and Asian-Latinx superheroes.

In La Borinqueña # 3, Luz is presented to the public as a young woman plastering posters of La Borinqueña on the walls of San Juan, Puerto Rico. “That’s the reason I live here, so it’s my way of saying thank you…” Luz said. “I feel more comfortable in public relations than in any other place I have lived.”

Earlier this year, Miranda-Rodriguez and actress Rosario Dawson (TV The Mandalorian), the voice of La Borinqueña when the character is animated for social campaigns, tweeted that they wanted Netflix to give the green light to a series about the Boricua superhero.

“Netflix, let’s talk about producing a TV series La Borinqueña featuring an all-Latin cast, shot on location in Puerto Rico,” he wrote.

La Borinqueña # 3 is available now on and September 1 on

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