Tasmania offers 10,000 vacation vouchers of $ 300 to spend on a summer trip


Great news for all travel-hungry Queenslanders, the Australian and Tasmanian government today announced a new Tassie Vacation Voucher program that could earn you $ 300 on your next trip.

There are 10,000 vouchers of $ 300 to be won for travel in November and December, with $ 200 for accommodation and $ 100 for attractions or tours.

It is available to all residents of Queensland, as well as anyone in Western Australia and South Australia, and was created to help mitigate the decline in tourism from New South Wales and Victoria due to all these border restrictions going on.

As part of this incentive, you’ll also notice that there are more direct flights departing from November to make it even easier to book the Tassie trip you’ve been dreaming of.

So how can you land one of these $ 300 coupons? They will be issued via an online ballot. If successful, you will be able to reserve and redeem the voucher on a dedicated online marketplace. Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

You can find more information about the new Tassie Holiday Vouchers program at the Tasmanian Tourism website.

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Image credit: RACT Destinations (Freycinet Lodge)


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