The 8 Best Cruise Lines That Sail Around Fiji

Since reopening in May, Fiji is once again delighting travelers crossing its glistening shores. A big advantage of cruising Fiji over land travel is that the ships will not only take you to unspoiled white sand islands scattered around Fiji, but most cruises will also offer the opportunity to visit some of the other intriguing islands. of the South Pacific, each with their own unique blend of natural beauty and rich culture.

Whether you’re looking to snorkel among colorful corals or simply settle in on the beach, Fiji is a destination of indulgence and the perfect opportunity to add luxury amenities to your excursion abroad.

If you’re ready to pamper and pamper yourself in the Pacific, here are some of the best luxury cruise lines that visit Fiji, along with some local favorites.

+ Seven Seas Regent

Regent Seven Seas’ luxurious all-inclusive cruise style is perfect for cruising the South Pacific. Her 25-night Secret Islands and Great Reef cruise from Papeete to Bali and her 18-night Secret Islands South Pacific cruise from Sydney to Papeete visit the beautiful shores of Fiji. You will have the chance to discover Fiji as well as some of its neighbors, such as French Polynesia and American Samoa. For a standout shore excursion, sign up for Spices of Fiji, a trip to Suva that focuses on the region’s culinary specialties.

+ Ponant

For an expedition experience that’s still imbued with luxury, head to Fiji with Ponant. Highlight itineraries include the 14-day Fiji, Tonga, Cook and Society Islands cruise, which takes you past crystal clear lagoons and ecological wonders for two weeks of spectacular sailing. Or for something different, you can fly between Fiji and Bali for over 16 nights for about the same price. If you want to learn or already know how to scuba dive, Ponant will take you to the beautiful coral reefs of Fiji for a chance to explore an amazing underwater world.

+Paul Gauguin

Ponant Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin Cruises is solely focused on the South Pacific, which means you know you’re getting a personalized and carefully curated experience when you cruise the line. You can go between Bali and Fiji and you can also have a deeper cultural experience on an 11-night cruise to Fiji, Tonga, Cook and Society Islands.


Seabourn has everything from 14-day trips from Lautoka, Fiji’s second largest city, to Sydney via Cairns, to a 26-day Australia, Fiji and French Polynesia cruise that will allow you to focus on Fiji and surrounding countries, all the way to epic cruises like the 65-day Pacific Gems cruise, departing March 9, 2023, for more than two months of epic cruising. Shore excursions range from historic tours around Fiji’s government house to visits to the remote island of Dravuni, where you’ll be welcomed by the local community, and rowboat cruises past some of Fiji’s freest waterfalls.

+ SilverSea

silver sea
For the perfect voyage, departing April 26, 2023, you can start in Lautoka and sail for 17 days to Cairns, all in the luxury of a Silversea cruise. There are also other itineraries, such as a 13-day cruise from Tahiti to Lautoka departing April 12, 2023, or, for something much earlier, leaving Cairns September 24, 2022, and sailing for 16 days to Lautoka. There are plenty of expedition-focused activities like snorkeling, but you can also soak up the warm welcome you received on the islands and take guided tours of the village.

+ Oceania

Fiji is a common stop on Oceania cruises, which means there are plenty of options if you’re looking to pay a visit. You can fly there direct from Sydney, on an 18-day voyage to Tahiti on February 28, 2023, with diving, snorkeling, boating, rainforest tours and more on the menu during your stay at Fiji. To mix it up with something even more spectacular, you can try a 57-day cruise from Auckland to Los Angeles, departing February 24, 2024, Fiji being just one of a plethora of jaw-dropping voyages. along the way.

+ Captain Cook cruises

cruise captain cook

If you’re looking for something that can be shorter, but also more focused on Fiji itself, you can try sailing with local experts Captain Cook Cruises. For a side of Fiji you haven’t seen, you can try the three-night cruise to the Southern Yasawa Islands, where the rugged landscape transforms into beautiful lush vegetation, with new volcanic craters, coral reefs and islands to see every day. Or you can opt for the seven-night Remote North Discovery Cruise which takes you to the beautiful mountain range of the island of Vanua Levu, with abundant land and sea wildlife.

+ Cruises on the blue lagoon

fiji princessBlue Lagoon Cruises not only offers in-depth expiries in Fiji, but also operates with a 100% Fijian crew to give you guaranteed insight into local culture and traditions. Itineraries range from three to seven nights: whichever you choose, you can be sure you’ll get an authentic look at Fijian life and that you’ll be taken to beautiful blue waters and scenery that will leave a lasting impression.

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