The Legend of Santa Claus Takes a Dark Turn in New AfterShock Series

The legend of Santa Claus is about to get a dark and twisted makeover in a new series from AfterShock Comics, called “The Naughty List.”

Disclaimer: Contains preview images for The naughty list #1!

the Santa legend gets a dark and twisted makeover in a new series of AfterShock Comics title The naughty list. The title marks the comic book writing debut of screenwriter and novelist Nick Santora and will be illustrated by Lee Ferguson. It is colored by Pippa Bowland and lettered by Simon Bowland. The first issue will go on sale in print and digital on April 27.

Since 2015, AfterShock has produced some of the most exciting and thought-provoking comics in North America. In just seven years, the company has not only attracted some of the best designers in the industry, but also helped develop new talent. Now AfterShock is tackling the legend of Santa Claus in The naughty list. Nick Santora, the book’s author, comes to comics with an extensive background in novels and screenwriting, having worked on television shows such as Scorpio and Escape Kings; Santora also co-wrote 2008 Warzone of the Punishers, directed by Lexi Alexander, starring Ray Stevenson. Now Santora will team up with artist Lee Ferguson, who worked on Sympathy for no devil, also for AfterShock, to bring readers a unique and dark look at the legend of Santa Claus in The naughty list.


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In a press release on AfterShock’s website, the publisher has revealed an exclusive first look at the series, including preview covers and preview art, shared below. The naughty list reimagines Santa Claus as “a bitter immortal who outlived his family” named Nicholas Sinterklass. Sinterklass is holding a “naughty list” and the book starts when the list falls into the wrong hands, and Sinterklass must retrieve it before it can be used for “nefarious reasons”. The preview pages feature Ferguson’s beautiful artwork, showing Sinterklass in happier times. Santora, who in the press release describes himself as “not really a comic book guy,” explained that the inspiration for The naughty list was born out of his love of the Christmas season. Santora is “baffled” when he hears people describe the season in negative terms, calling it a “great time of year”. This dichotomy will inform The naughty list.

AfterShock Comics Naughty List

Naughty list overview page

Naughty list overview page

Over the past decade, a growing fascination with the darker sides of Christmas has taken root in popular culture; 2015 Krampus quickly became a cult hit and that of Grant Morrison and Dan Mora Klaus reinvented Santa Claus as a “sexy” shaman. Part of the appeal of these books and movies is that they tap into the very critiques of the Christmas season that Santora portrays. Christmas is a contradictory holiday, which can be magical for some and stressful for others, and today’s materialistic/capitalist society does little to assuage this. titles such as The naughty list hold up a mirror to modern society’s fascination with the holiday season, even though, according to Santora, it will be “Christmas [getting] hard and [punching] return.”

The legend of Santa is known around the world and this story will soon take a dark and twisted turn a new series of AfterShock comics, title The naughty list.

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