The O’Neal Library will welcome best-selling novelist Stephen Graham Jones

The ever-popular horror genre will get the respect it deserves at the O’Neal Library starting this month.

Best-selling thriller novelist Stephen Graham Jones will appear at the Library at 7 p.m. on March 5 as part of the new horror series Under the Mountain, according to an ONL press release.

The series is designed to be a community source for author events, movie screenings, and other ghoulish treats.

The winner of numerous literary awards, the most recent being the Mark Twain American Voice in Literature Award, Jones won acclaim for his 2020 novel, “The Only Good Indians.”

The novel is a supernatural tale about a group of friends who face terrible repercussions for something they did while hunting elk as teenagers.

Jones has also written nearly 30 other novels, short stories, short story collections, and comic strips.

Horror writing in general deserves more respect, said Anthony Vacca, the librarian who helped create “Under the Mountain.”

“For an enduring and far-reaching genre, horror is the genre that often gets the most rejection,” Vacca said in the press release.

For example, “The Only Good Indians”—in addition to being a thrill ride and a surprising story—offers insight into the gender politics and socio-economic realities facing contemporary Native Americans.

“Writing a good scary story is writing a good story,” Vacca said. “It takes thought, empathy and artistry.”

The Under the Mountain series is also designed to expand the number of readers who enjoy horror writing.

“We want to excite fans, but it’s equally important to welcome those who feel the genre has nothing for them,” Vacca said.

For more on the series, follow Under the Mountain on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @unrmtn. To respond to the Stephen Graham Jones event, go to

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