“The Virtues of Hell” by Pierre Boulle, “The Planet of Men” on its way to cinema and television – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Uri Singer and Aimée Peyronnet join forces to acquire two works from the estate of French author Pierre Boulle, author of the novels The Planet of the Apes and The Bridge over the River Kwaiboth of which have been made into iconic Hollywood movies.

The couple acquired Boulle’s 1974 novel The virtues of hellas good as planet of men, an unproduced feature script that Boulle wrote after the first Planet of the Apes film created in 1968 starring Charlton Heston. The plan is to turn virtues of hell in a film, and adapt planet of men for TV.

The virtues of hell focuses on John Butler as he returns from the war and turns to heroin to cope with his PTSD. He is drawn into a covert drug operation and tasked with developing a technique for producing the purest heroin ever created, while the DEA, his former psychiatrists and lovers, drug dealers and his own trauma try to hunt him down. .

As for planet of menBoulle wrote the screenplay after the 1968 premiere Planet of the Apes, written by Michael Wilson and Rod Serling. Boulle’s new screenplay was designed to continue the series, but it was never produced. the monkeys the franchise continued with four sequels; later Tim Burton did his version in 2001 and the franchise had another reboot in 2011 led by Matt Reeves.

The Bridge over the River Kwai was adapted into the film directed by David Lean The Bridge over the River Kwai in 1957. He won seven Oscars, including for Wilson and Carl Forman’s screenplay adapting Boulle’s novel, based on a true story of British POWs in Burma. The screenwriters were blacklisted and not given screen credits, so the Oscar went to Boulle. Wilson and Forman finally received posthumous Oscars in 1984.

The latest deals mark the final page-to-screen rights deals for Singer and Peyronnet, the latter being the former president of Los Angeles-based Luc Besson’s film banner. The singer’s slate via his Passage Pictures includes three works by Don DeLillo in White noisedirected by Noah Baumbach; underworld, set to Netflix with Ted Melfi writing and directing; and The silence with Jez Butterworth attached to adapt. He is also developing adaptations of Kurt Vonnegut Hocus Pocusby Vladimir Nabokov Invitation to beheading and John Scalzi The dispatcher.

His production credits also include starring Ethan Hawke. You’re here and science fiction photography Marjorie Premier with Geena Davis and Jon Hamm. He is also in the studio with Useful East Texas Linksbased on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, with Samuel L. Jackson attached.

Peyronnet’s previous credits include developing Alice Sebold The beautiful bones which was directed by Peter Jackson in 2009 and winner of the DBC Pierre’s Booker Prize Vernon God small.

The Boulle rights agreements have been concluded with Zena Wakim d’Olizane, who represents the estate. Singer is replaced by Knol Law PC. Peyronnet is replaced by Sloss Eckhouse Dasti Haynes Law Co.

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