These 8 Latin American and Caribbean countries have waived all entry requirements

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With more than thirty countries around the world having deleted all their entry requirements for travelers – 8 of these countries are located in Latin America and the Caribbeana stone’s throw away for avid vacationers.

Let’s take a look at the 8 nations – of these two regions – which you can now visit with:

  • no Covid-19 test before, on or after arrival
  • no quarantine
  • no obligation to show proof of vaccine
  • no country forbidden to enter
The hiker stands on top of the mountain

Four Latin American countries that have scrapped Covid-19 entry requirements


cancun beach resort

With one of the world’s busiest airports – located in the popular city of Cancun – Mexico was one of the first countries on the planet to drop all entry requirements for international visitors.

And, in fact, the country has been the most popular vacation destination throughout the Covid-19 pandemic – which has seen its hotels become even more expensive than those in the United States.

The Puente de Dios waterfalls in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Those who visit this beautiful nation will be able to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor adventures, or relax and rejuvenate on the country’s beautiful and exclusive beaches along its Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

And, you never know – you might even come across one or two of the hidden gems during your trip to Mexico.

Costa Rica

toucan in costa rica

As of the start of this month (April 1), Costa Rica has scrapped all of its remaining entry requirements, meaning travelers can once again focus on where they want to visit in this beautiful rainforest nation. located in Central America.

And, if you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or want to learn more about the country’s culture, you’re sure not to be disappointed with what the beautiful country of Costa Rica has to offer.

Tourist walking on a suspension bridge in the cloud forest of Monteverde, Costa Rica

El Salvador

Again – just like Mexico – El Salvador was one of the first countries to reopen for tourism, with no vaccination or testing requirements.

And, just a few months ago, it was announced that the country had teamed up with a few other countries in the region – to launch new tourist routes, which aim to improve connectivity between the countries, as well as to making cross-border travel a smoother experience. for travellers.

Mountain in El Salvador

With its selection of majestic beaches – located along its Pacific coast – as well as its Mayan ruins, volcanoes and variety of lakes – there is no doubt that El Salvador is one of the trendiest countries to visit this year.

Those who have invested in Bitcoin will even be able to make payments with their investment in this cryptocurrency – since El Salvador has just made it an official currency inside the country, alongside the US dollar.


La Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the Argentinian flag in front

Becoming the 27th country to remove all of its remaining entry requirements, visitors can now re-enter Argentina without having to show proof of vaccination or undergo a Covid-19 test.

This means that travelers can devote all their energy to planning their trip to this fascinating country, which has so much to offer.

Girl jumping in the Argentinian mountains

With its vibrant culture and breathtaking scenic landscapes – like Los Glaciares National Park, Bariloche and the Lake District and Iguazú Falls – there is so much to admire in this wonderful South American country.

And let’s not forget the wide Argentinian choice of Food and drink – which is sure to delight the taste buds of any visitor to the country.

Bottle of red wine with glasses

Four Caribbean countries that have scrapped Covid-19 entry requirements


Just yesterday – April 14 – we reported that Jamaica had become the latest country to drop all of its entry requirements for tourists.

Jamaican flag waving sea beach sky.

This means that international visitors can once again enjoy all that this wonderful nation has to offer without complying with any entry requirements.

This includes the country’s breathtaking mountain views, a variety of 5-star all-inclusive resorts, as well as a huge selection of nightlife options – sure to not disappoint those who like to party late. in the night.

Panorama of the port of Ocho Rios in Jamaica, Caribbean

Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to sit back and relax on one of the best beaches Jamaica has to offer, there truly is something for everyone in this fascinating country.

Additionally, Americans can now enjoy new flights to Jamaica from the United States, with American Airlines recently becoming the first to offer direct flights to the port city of Ocho Rios.

Beach in Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Becoming the 16th country in the world to scrap all of its entry requirements for travelers – the Caribbean nation of Aruba can once again be visited as it was in pre-covid times.

Aerial view of Aruba in the Dutch Caribbean

The nation – which is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – is well known for its year-round warm climate, as well as its fascinating and colorful colonial-era streets.

Travelers to the country can also enjoy all that Aruba has to offer, including:

Flamingo on a beach in Aruba, Netherlands Antilles
  • beautiful beaches
  • luxury resorts
  • Caribbean culture
  • wonderful wildlife
  • The Adventures of Arikok
  • fascinating ruins


curacao beach

Last month, another Dutch Caribbean island – Curacao – became the 13th nation in the world to scrap its remaining entry requirements for international visitors.

This now means that visitors can once again visit this beautiful little paradise – which is located in the Caribbean Sea – without worrying about the entry requirements related to Covid-19.

curacao architecture

Aruba offers so much to visitors, including its incredible street art and delicious local cuisine – as well as a truly mesmerizing view from its Queen Emma Bridge, where you can admire the colorful Handelskade.

And, just last year, the country introduced a new digital nomad visa, making it easier for those who want to stay and work remotely in the country for an extended period of time.

Male digital nomad working on a beach location


A fortnight ago, we reported that Grenada had become the 25th country to drop its final entry requirements for international visitors.

Hence, travelers can now enter this Caribbean country and explore all that this hidden gem has to offer.

St George's Harbor in Grenada, Caribbean

With three islands making up the country – often referred to as the ‘Spice Island’ – Grenada is home to the world’s first underwater sculpture park.

The nation also boasts a variety of beautiful white sand beaches and breathtaking waterfalls – which will truly leave a lasting impression on those who visit this special country.

Woman traveler on sandy beach in Grenada, Caribbean

There are also a variety of diving, hiking, sailing or snorkeling excursions that visitors can also take advantage of – ideal for those looking to add a bit of ‘adventure’ to their seaside holiday. Grenade.

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