This 25 million euro superyacht can dive underwater for up to 4 days

During the Monaco Yacht Show 2022, U-Boat Worx, a Dutch yacht building company, unveiled the designs for the Nautilus, a superyacht that can also operate as a submarine for up to 4 days. The 1,250 ton, 37.5 meter ship is inspired by the tales of Jules Verne and is the first realistic design that could fulfill both roles of sea travel.

Ever since Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was published in 1870, people have dreamed of a luxury yacht with diving capabilities. Since then, inventors have produced many impressive designs. Unfortunately, none of these models were ever made.

U-Boat Worx

© U-Boat Worx

The diesel-electric Nautilus has a nominal depth of 200 meters, a surface cruising speed of 9 knots and an underwater speed of 4 knots. The starting price is €25 million and once ordered, the company says an owner can expect their vessel to be delivered within 30 months.

When operating as a boat, the ship offers a huge sundeck equipped with a freshwater swimming pool, a bar and a luxurious dining table. This open-air arrangement is retracted before the submersible slips below sea level.

© U-Boat Worx

The interior has a 50 m2 dinette and living room with four circular windows. Each with diameters close to 4 meters. The proposed design for the submarine includes a master bedroom and four cabins, as well as sleeping quarters for up to six crew members. A fully equipped kitchen makes cooking a submarine meal simple and fun. However, the interior fittings are fully customizable by the client.

People who have decided to buy a yacht will now have to consider whether the vessel of their choice can also dive to 200 meters.

Bert Houtman, President and Founder of U-Boat Worx

© U-Boat Worx

A fully pressure resistant electric dinghy is stowed below the aft deck and will remain outside during the dive. This dinghy, the Aronnax, can also be used to transport five divers underwater to the planned dive location.

“If the sea gets too rough, just dive in and continue your journey in comfort. With the Nautilus, the yachting market will never be the same, said Bert Houtman, president and founder of U-Boat Worx, explaining that diving underwater can combat seasickness.

The superyacht submarine will be able to stay underwater for up to 4 days. At cruising speed, the underwater autonomy is six hours.

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